{Wish you luck}

I have already mine...It's pink and my brother gave to me after a trip to Brasil...
Do you have your? We always need some more luck ...not that I believe in a bracelet...but you never know!!!
If you are not planning a trip to Brazil, you can buy it here

6 commenti:

  1. Well, some more luck is always a good thing...I think I need on of those bracelet!

  2. I'll check if I have one more for you ok?
    Or why don't we go to brazil to buy the bracelet?

  3. some time ago, my sister bought a bracelet, and it was supposed to be made out of "brazilian beans". After that, she went to the beach and the bracelet gave fruits... literally -_-

  4. What? Bean? Fruits? NO WAY! It supposed to give luck to the one who wear it, I've never heard about beans and fruits...Maybe it was a sign?

  5. yeah... maybe my sister is supposed to be very fertile! (!)

  6. @Forgetmenot: who knows!?
    Have a nice weekend!



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