As most of the girls I love jewels, I prefer white or "pink" gold, diamonds "bling bling" but also particular, charming and unique jewels like those I just found on the web...what do you think? I hope you'll agree with me that they are so nice...
All of them have a meaning and they come in a very cute "packaging"

Click on the pick

This is for Chakra. There are seven major chakra centers in our body where energy flows and intersects. The ideal is to have all chakras clear, balanced, and vitalized for optimal well-being. gemstones are used to clear and heal each chakra center. Put your chakra necklace on, and believe in its magic

Gems and stones have been used for centuries to bring calm and healing to the wearer. With Healing Gem necklaces, you can enjoy the healthful and beneficial qualities of these gems...

Love makes the world go 'round

This necklace is the perfect way to let someone know that they are the cream in your coffee, the cherry on top of your sundae... the apple of your eye!

There are so many jewels I cannot pick my preferred. Can I have it all?
Take a look at the web site...You'll find what are you loking for...

7 commenti:

  1. I'm a sucker for that "Apple of my Eye" necklace. What a clever idea. :)

  2. Oh these are so pretty. I love the simplicity of them! Thanks for visiting my little blog!

  3. Hi there Gaia!

    Thanks for your comments at my blog! I´m sorry but I´m afraid I´m not that good in english that I can translate my bread recipe... *sorry*

    Hope you will have a great day!

  4. love makes the world go round is adorable. hmm i might have to go check out that site.

  5. These are very sweet. And I agree, the packaging is rather creative!

  6. Questo commento è stato eliminato dall'autore.

  7. @ Nicole Addison: I love all of the necklace!!! Maybe my fav is "Apple of my eye" I think this is one of the most romantic expression I've ever heard!



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