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...where everything started!

This summer we've decided to visit France. In the last past summers, we've always flew to USA because we are in love with that amazing country, but this time we've chosen Europe instead. 

We left the 10th of August. Flew to Paris where we had the coincidence for Rennes.
As soon as we arrived it started raining and it continued for the entire holiday with a few Sunny days of break. 

We were prepared. We've packed the right clothes for that kind of weather, but I didn't renounce to bring a swimsuit...You never know! 

Rennes, the capital of the Brittany, it's a very quite nice city in the nord-west of France. Just few kms to the coast and to the main turistique attractions as Dinard, St. Malo and Mont Saint Michel...That we've visited. They are very "commercial" but once you are there you can't miss them!

We started the day with a full breakfast. You need lots of energy to walk through the city and so we had coffe, orange juice, bread, butter and jam and lots of Viennoiserie (little pastry)...

I adore hotel's breakfast!!!

The city was pretty empty, the majority of the stores were closed (because of Summer) and the rest of the  stores close at 6.00 pm!  That means not too much shopping!!!

In the main square they created a kind of beach (no sand!) where to stay and relax with friends listening music, reading books, having an aperitif, drink a beer... We sat there when it wasn't raining!

The city has celtic influence, with little streets and cobblestone. Nice and calm it's very fascinating. It's more a big village than a city.

You better be careful to watch your step when you walk. You'll find yourself looking up to the sky!
You'll be capturated by beautiful signs (all the store have it) and the roofs with those cute little windows, the dormer windows.

and the beautiful monuments!

See the difference? The sun bring the best from everything!!!!!!
The sun...most of the time, the weather wasn't good but as soon as the first ray of light come out, everybody find a place on a table on a chair and enjoy the sun and the hot!

In the very narrow street, that kept their medieval origin, you see the characteristic timber-framed houses.

Flowers and plants everywhere, houses covered with ivy 

Beautiful gardens

(Abbaye St. Georges)

Enchanted hidden palaces...

This is my Rennes, a beautiful old city the one you dream of thinking to France.

I think that for now it's enough!
I don't wanna bother you and be boring with my trip!

I still have so many things to show you...

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{Sweet E-session}

This could be my e-sassion if only I'd decide to make it!

I love everything about that e-session...
The color palette they've chosen, the idea of shooting in a bakery, (Solvang Bakery, South Calif.), the cupcakes that I adore and they are such a cute couple!

I'm sure they will have a very Sweet and Sugary wedding!!

Have a sweet sweet day!



Bonjour Les Filles....

I'm back!

After 20 days, I'm back to reality!

First of all I'd love to thank all the ladies that cuddle my blog while I was away...
You , all of you, did a great job and thanks to all the followers that despite the sun and the beautiful days, had found a minute to stop by and leave a comment!

 (Mont Saint Michel)

Thanks a lot!

I need few more days to get back to my normal routine and I'll tell you everything and even more about my holiday around France, Holland and Belgium and I'll show you some pics and videos! 
I have to edit more than 2000 pics!!!!

How are you girls? Tell me about your holidays...

(Normandy's Seaside)

BTW... It's still Summer and Italy it's super hot!
Few days at the beach and we'll start again full of energies and histories to tell
Lots of ideas and thougts to how realize them...

I've missed you!

(p.s: those are just a sneak peek of my pics!)


{Summer Guest Post: Cata }

Good morning dearest readers of Gaia’s blog my name is Catalina  Alvarez(Cata’s blog) and it has been a little while since the lovely Gaia invited me to be a guest here.
Today I would like to introduce an special place: The society inc. A place plenty of gorgeous details and great photography.
specialising in local and global textiles, furniture, homewares and beautiful things.
Set up by long time interior stylist Sibella Court in an 1800s corner shop in Paddington, its contents and interior will change 4 times a year, each time a new 'theme' will transport the visitor to different societies. The first is The Indigo Blues Society followed by TravellersandMagicians. Each theme will be accompanied by seasonal paint colours designed by Sibella for Murobond Paints.
Hope you like what you see!
the society inc
the society inc-tools the society inc - photography
  the society inc- inspiration the society inc-paper inspiration corona-Scrivere Thank you Gaia most kindly for inviting me to share our Society inc.
I hope your Frenchcation is going faboulous and I am wishing all of you a ‘creative perfect’ day
A little collage for you:  my dear Gaia :)
Details - Gaia Borsicch


{Summer Guest Post: Sarah 2° Part }

Mi sento molto felice a poter scrivere sul blog di Gaia.
I'm really happy to write on Gaia's blog.

Tutti possono ammirare ogni giorno la bellezza delle sue fotografie, ma io ho avuto l'onore di conoscerla di persona e porterò con me il dolce ricordo di un giorno d'estate.

Evrybody can admire, every day, her beautiful photos, but I had the honour to know her personally and I will take with me the sweet memories of a summer day!

Gaia ed io!
Gaia and Me!

Mi presento. Mi chiamo Sarah e sono emiliana, anche se ormai sono ben 14 anni che vivo a Genova. La Liguria è una terra stupenda, la natura si sposa con la città creando uno scenario magnifico. Chi non ha mai visto le case colorate di Camogli tuffarsi nel mare blu, non può immaginare la tanta bellezza.

I'm Sarah,  I'm from Emilia Romagna, but it's 14 years that I live in Genova. Ligura is a great place where nature is well combined with the city and the result is amazing. 

If you hadn't see the colored house in Camogli "jump" in the blue sea, you can't imagine how beautiful it is!

La mia vita è scandita da tante passioni e da due bimbe fantastiche:

I have so many passion in my life:

Beatrice e Mathilde.

{Foto di Federica}

Nel tempo libero mi piace disegnare, dipingere, ascoltare musica, fare shopping...e restaurare mobili in stile shabby. Ho conosciuto questa tecnica decorativa grazie alle tante riviste straniere che acquistavo qualche anno fa. Da allora sono una fan sfegatata di questo stile, non per altro vorrei con tutto il mio cuore che questa passione diventasse il mio lavoro primario.

In my free time I love to draw, to paint, listen to the music, do shopping ... and to renovate furniture in a shabby style. 
I've learned this decorative technique thanks to foreigner magazines that I used to buy few years ago. Since then I have a passion for that style and I'd love to transform that passion in a full time job.

Da qualche mese tengo dei corsi di tecnica shabby e non sono mai stata così felice di aver preso la decisione di iniziare questa avventura. In questo modo ho avuto (e avrò ancora per tanto tempo spero), l'opportunità di conoscere tante persone con cui condividere una passione. E' una sensazione inspiegabile, vedere la gioia negli occhi delle ragazze che dopo aver lavorato una giornata insieme si porta a casa soddisfatta il loro oggetto "shabbato".

It's already few months that I teach that technique. I do lessons to learn it and I've never been happier with the decision to start this adventure. I had the chance to meet so many person to share my passion with.  It's a strange sensation, difficult to explain. I'm happy when I see people happy with their object shabby decorated after a long day of work!

Non sto più nella pelle nel sapere che fra non molto potrò arredare la mia casetta. Ora è in fase di ristrutturazione ma è già a molto tempo che mi diverto a sognare come sarà una volta finita.

I 'm so excited. Soon I will start decorating my sweet home. Now we are working on the renovation, but I'm dreaming already how it will be when finished!

Quel giorno prometto, mega festa per tutte!

That day we will party all together!

Buona estate!

Have a great Summer!


{Summer Guest Post: Therese }

Hi Everybody I'm Terri from La Delfina blog!

I'm so honored to be asked by Gaia to do a guest post for her while she's off on summer holiday!  I thought since I just returned from my own vacation last week that I would share some of my summer memories with you.

Lake Tahoe is a large freshwater lake in the Sierra Nevada mountains.  It is located along the border between California and Nevada.  It is actually the largest alpine lake in North America. 


It's depth is 1,645 feet  (501 meters) making it America's second-deepest lake after Crater Lake in Oregon.

My family and I have been coming to Lake Tahoe since I was a child.  It's equally beautiful in the winter where it becomes a virtual winter wonderland with 16 different ski resorts to choose from!  We like to stay on the North Shore in a resort called Northstar.  We try and spend at least one week there in the summer and one in the winter. 

It's about a 4 hour drive from our house. The first stop on our way up is always at IKEDA'S where we can't wait to sink our teeth into their famous, "Tasty Buger".

We usually pick up some of their signature salsa's and dips, farm stand produce and always one of their world famous homemade pies!

Once we arrive it's off to the beach!

One of our favorites is Sand Harbor on the Nevada side.

The first couple of days there were afternoon thunder storms. 

Our wonderful friends brought up their boat, so we waited it out
and when it was over we went for a ride.

Back on shore, our son (on the left) and his buddies decided it was time to do some rock jumping, so...

after assessing the risks...

 Greg, who turned 18 that day, was the first one to take the plunge!

One by one, in they went...

and out they climbed.

A wonderful day full of memories!

I hope you enjoyed seeing a taste of what Lake Tahoe has to offer.  I want to thank the lovely Gaia for having me step in for her and hope she is making lots of wonderful summer memories of her own and that she will share them with us when she gets back!

Happy Summer Everyone!!

Come to visit me!


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