{No reason}

There 's no reason for this picture...I just like the harmony of it...


{It's friday...}

and another weekend is at the door...There are so many things I'd like to do: sleep (I'm really good at it) finish my book, make some cakes, stay with my friend and with my love Mr B., go to the movie (there are so many movies I' like to see), take pictures...
Have I nice weekend!

{The Curious Case of Benjamin Button}

"The Curious Case of Benjamin Button", adapted from a 1920s story by F. Scott Fitzgerald, directed by David Fincher, with Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett. It's one of the last movie I saw and I simply loved it. It is amazing, sweet, tender. It's in the top 10 of my favourite movies...everybody should see it...

"I was born under unusual circumstances"... and so begins the movie...(trailer)

{Object of desire}

Maison Goyard....The new Bags...
It's a french luxury brand born in the 1853 that has become famous because it made bags and luggages for exclusive clienteles such as the likes of kings, queens, maharajahs and movie star.
The history began with the expensive luggages and than they started to produce ladies handbags. The cheapest of wich is the tote bag, which costs around $ 845.

Maison Goyard, 233 rue Saint-Honoré - Paris



{Just another perfect day]

It was a nice warm sunny day, blu skye, little bit sick but in a right mood...the mood I've choosen to have for this 2009 as one of the "wish" I expressed on the new year's eve...It looked like Spring...
I still do not know what direction my Diary will have, there so many things I want to write of and so many other things I love that I want to show. Italian or english?

{The little black dress}


{Valentine's day}

Almost 2 weeks and it will be Valentine's day...Have any ideas? Do you have someone very important to spend the day with? It could be your boyfriend/girlfriend, a friend, your family...the people you love...
On internet, here and there, I founded some pictures I really loved. Hope you will love it too...

For you: I love you Mr B.!

{Nighty Night}

Hope you had a great day, you met interesting people, you felt in love, you had a smile, you found what you were looking for...

That's all for today.... see you tomorrow!

Scarlett: Tara! Home. I'll go home. And I'll think of some way to get him back. After all... tomorrow is another day. (from "Gone with the wind")

{J'adore Chanel}

Un set creato con le mie manine che celebra il mio A.M.O.R.E. per la doppia C....

{She's Fifty}

She's blondie, she has big eyes and she's beautiful...she's Barbie.
The Barbie is celebrating 50 years in 2009 and for the occasion is launching a book with clothes by Givenchy, Versace, Vera Wang, Donna Karan and Zac Posen, she will be the sponsor of the next Fashion Week in New York (her birthplace in the 1959) toghether with Mattel, that makes the "little model" since ever, and many other events are planned to celebrate her birthday.
She's always been an "icon of style" since her first appearance, she changed her style following the trends and the fashions of the moment. She has been a bride, a model, an University Cheerleaders, an astronaut and much more. Over 100 of designers made her clothes: Dior, Balenciaga, Saint Laurent, Armani and many more. In 1985, even Andy Warhol celebrated the doll in a famous painting.
For that Anniversary, Christian Louboutin, famous shoes designer, will create a pair of pump in Pantone Barbie 219 Pink in her honour. The shoes, as the 50 world-renowned fashion designers' creations, will be presented on February 14 during the Mattel fashion show in the Tent at Bryant Park in NYC. All the 50 clothes will have only one pair of shoes : the Pink Louboutin. Lucky her!!!
Barbie Givenchy

I'd like to be part of the fashion show...but it's just a dream...

{Holocaust Memorial Day Trust } not forget...


{Marley & Me}

Tratto dal bestseller americano "Marley and Me", il film racconta la storia vera di John Grogan e sua moglie Jenny (interpretati da Owen Wilson e Jennifer Aniston) che decidono di adottare un labrador nel tentativo di far pratica come genitori. Marley, un labrador giallo, non è però solo un adorabile cucciolo. Si rivelerà da subito un vero uragano, distruttivo e indomabile. Malgrado l'irruenza e i danni, riuscirà a conquistare il cuore dei due padroni con i quali condividerà le gioie e i dolori della loro vita familiare, la nascita dei loro tre figli, un trasloco...
E' la storia di un amore incondizionato, di fedeltà e lealtà.
E' la storia vera di un uomo e del suo migliore amico, a cui è dedicato il libro.

Le ultime parole famose...

Un anticipo di primavera un po' corto quello di oggi....
Quanto durerà il sole?....molto poco a quanto pare...è già tornata la pioggia ed insieme a lei il solito umore grigio....

{happy birthday "Mr Mac"}

Era il 24 gennaio del 1984 quando la Apple lanciò sul mercato il suo primo Mac e fu subito un successo, che dura ormai da 25 anni. La Apple stravolse il mercato dei computer e da quel primo lancio, con i successivi, ha sempre entusiasmato e rafforzato il proprio successo.
Il mondo da allora si divide tra chi "morde la mela" e chi no...
Voi di quale parte di questo mondo fate parte?

{un anticipo di primavera}

il sole di oggi per quanto durerà?


{...manic Monday}

"...It's just another manic Monday

I wish it was Sunday..."

così diceva una vecchia canzone delle Bangles....

Buon inizio settimana !


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