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Have you ever dreamt to open your own store?
Well...I dream my store every day, and I dream that it looks like to that one, or at least this is my idea of what I'd like to sell. I'd like to have a little bakery and a cafè inside my store too, with few tables so people that come to visit me will enjoy my cookies and cakes... but this is a big project!

My last post was about the exhibition of roses in a gardenhouse... As I told you, ther was not only roses and flowers but everything you need to decorate the inside and the outside of your house . Cages, candles, dishes, fragrances...

(Picture below: the a dark spot it's my camera belt...not very professional!)

What do you dream?
What would it be your perfect job?

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  1. this looks like it'd be an adorable store! Great place for afternoon tea :p



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