{To be continued ...}

Where were we?

... and finally the day of the move arrived ... My sweet owner cover me carefully to protect me during the travel...

After few days of chaos I found my place in the new home and I have to admit that I really love it!


Ta Da...

What do you think of my new style? My owner is very shy and truly modest but let me say something "You did a great job!"

Now I have another role...No more clothes but dishes, glasses, porcelaine...

She has an obsessive cure to details in a positive way ( that type of attention to minute details but she's not mentally ill!) I hope she will show you soon the beautiful things she put inside me. Beautiful heritage from her granny, her collections of old marmelade jars and bottle and many more.

I love the chicken wire. I'm exhibitionist and the chicken wire it's perfect for me...Everyone can look inside!

This is my friend ... but we'll talk about it another day... Today is my day!

(*photos by my owner!*)

p.s.: a big thank you to my adorable assistant!



Baum und Pferdgarten a North European Brand for a new socialite.

Established in 1999 by the two designers Rikke Baumgarten and Helle Hestehave, the company is situated in the heart of Copenhagen and the designs are available in countries all over the world.

Copenhagen and all the North European city are very interesting. Lately, in those years, they conquered an important role in a lot of different sectors. Interior design, home furnitures, fashion and many more. They have a unique touch and a strong distinctive character that's why I love them. Romantique but with no frills, feminine and strong at the same time.

" The Spring/Summer 2010 Collection perfects the dishevelled socialite look by using luxury fabrics that have been washed through to create a worn and beach inspired aesthetic"...

Ruffles, short skirts, long dresses, soft colors for a feminine but strong woman. Don't miss their collection!

The two designers love contrasts which gives their collections a dualistic touch: feminine and masculine, minimal contra grandiose, shiny versus matte or something completely different as their aim always is to surprise.

Aren't they just fantastic!?

... and the story goes on... follow me!

{Once upon a time...}

... a beautiful wardrobe lived in a very nice home with a very nice family...

One day , the owner decided to move in a new home with her fiancé and she decided that the wardrobe should go with her...

The wardrobe was worried about the idea to leave that family. It lived in that house for more then 20 years and he adored his little room. The owner, instead, was so happy to take it to the new home because she felt like having piece of her family with her, they lived toghether for so long that she didn't want to grow away from it! The wardrobe, at the end, happily accepted to move!

Before to move it need a little rejuvenation. It needs to change his style. Born at the end of the '800 it always had the same look. It only changed the color for his second move (his first was from England...but it's a long long story) when it arrived at her owner's home. It was brown and became pale pink...

So the works began...

First of all the owner ( with the help of her fantastic assistant!) took off the wall paper that cover the inside of the wardrobe, then the old paint ( I know it was the hard part! They used some chemical product that smell terribly) , sand the wardrobe entirely and started with the prime base.

Then they started with the paint. They have chosen two colors. Two different grey. It's a good my age grey is perfect! Sober, strong with personality!

Fortunately she used a fantastic paint and I felt very happy and curious about the result!
It took more than 3 weeks to see it but it worthed the wait!

After having painted twice they (the owner and her assistant!) were not completely satisfied and so they decided to make some stripes... Good decision! I have to say that my owner has a lot of ideas and she know what she does!

What have I said? Stripes are amazing, don't you think?

To embellish me more, they added some console tables, some decor and the chicken wire and ...


Don't miss the end of the story and the result!

Now...The giveaway! I'm so happy you liked it! I've adored the interview, talking with Roberta and her amazing Alice's tags!

The lucky winner is....

The adorable, cute and amazing Mel from Reverie Daydream.

Congratulations Mel!

Girls don't miss the end of the story, the pics of the results some more photos!!!



I love beautiful photos. My passion for photography is growing day by day. Since I bought my Canon (almost a year ago) I've reached the decision to became a good photographer.

I've always loved beautiful photos and I've always been envious from people who was able to fascinating me with a photo.
It was love at first sight. I use to use my daddy's camera. He had an old Canon, not digital, very difficult to use. Then I bought a Minolta, when I lived in San Francisco and then I had few small digital cameras before to arrive to my "best friend" 450d Canon!

I know I won't be a professionist of photography but I want to increase my knowledge on doing beautiful photos... Or at least to try to take some good pics.

At the beginning I looked for a course to learn how to make beautiful photos because I thought it was the right thing to do. Then I started reading books about photography and then, at the end, I've realized that the better thing to do it was to take pics everyday and everytime I could. It's true that you need to know the techniques, what a diaphragm is, the meaning of exposure, how to work on manual and not in automatic but I'm 100% sure that practicing it's the better way to improve your ability!

Now, everytime I go out I have my camera with me and I practice everyday! I love what I do and even if I'm not good I go on with my passion because at the end I'm doing it for me and when I receive a compliment I'm the happiest person in the world!

I know ther's no comparison with the thousand of talented persons out there and the blogosphere is full of fantastic photographer but I'm trying to find my place among them (in years and years!!!)

Please forgive me if you think I'm a presumptuous person... but in tose last days I've received a lot of nice words from you and even from unknown persons!

Tomorrow in the afternoon I have to go to take some pics to my friend's store. She asked me because she need some pics. Than some of my friends asked me if I could take some pics of them...

For those pics I've used my LensBaby. I adore my lens, my brother gave to me for Christmas! I bought also a macro kit and I'm thinking to buy also some more optics from them and a new canon lens!

Girls, a weekly thank you for you! Don't forget to enter the giveaway, still few hours! Don't miss my post tomorrow!


{First weekend}

For my first weekend at home I've decided to try the new oven and I've made pain brioche for the breakfast! I love the brown crust and the fluffy crumb. It's not good if you are on a diet, but one day per week you can make an exception to the rule!

Since I come back from France, everything reminds me to that fantastic country.

Pan Brioche it's easy to make and extremely Yummy! It's perfect for the Sunday brunch with jam or cheese, and it's good for sweet and sour taste!

My first weekend has been very "exciting" and relaxed! We did some shopping for the home, filled the fridge and went out for a pizza with some friends. This morning we woke up and we took a walk in the neighborhood. Had a coffe at the near Caffè, bought newspaper and my fav magazines, took some photos and then relax on the sofa!

By the way... Pan Brioche it's finished...Need a new idea for my weekly bake!

And you? What have you done?

Have a good week!



I bought my Lilac in Nice on Tueasday and I took them at home with me. A big bunch of pretty pink lilac.

I love to have fresh seasonal flower all over the house and now it's the turn of lilac. I put them in my jars and even in old style coca cola's bottles.

The color of those cute flowers is perfect with the bright color palette that I've used to decor my house.

The weather sucks and today I've bought some other white lilac to bring spring at home. Even the rain is good from my new home!!! When you are happy you see everything in pink and it's like "everything will be fine"

I'm so happy, girls. It has been a very intensive week. Those first days of new life have been just perfect even if I still have so many things to do and even if the house still needs a lot of things.

I need lamps, some more pillows, and many other little things but I have all the time in the world to take care of them!

To celebrate us, this evening we had those sweet little heart for dessert! vanilla Ice cream with strawberry cream!
Aren't they just cute?

(*photos by me*)

Ladies you still have some more days to enter the Giveaway, hurry up!


{Oh La La ... }

Bonjour Les filles...

I'm always so excited when I'm back from France (and you know already that! here and here). I love almost everything: food, flavours, parfumes, atmosphere, antique market, and that thing... I cannot explain what is it 'cause is something that you feel and it's impossible to explain.

The colors, the lights are different and also the temperature!

This time was special. Very short but very intensive too! Me and Simone my oldest brother left on monday morning to join my mom and Jonatha (the youngest bro!) that they were already a Nice. We had to solve some family question over there and we wanted to spend some time all toghether. I loved every single moment we ha a lot of fun we laughed, ate, walked a lot!

This is what Nice is for me...

Wicker bags to go shopping,

Big windows with colored shutters,

Colored walls,

Beautiful roofs,

Croissant for breakfast and a bike to visit the city,

Fresh fruits and vegetables,

Little cute lavender sacs for the wardrobe to have the linen always fresh and with that characteristic and unmistakable scent...

Fresh Lilac plucked early in the morning,

Clear tourquoise sea,

People sitting at the sun during their lunch break...

(*photos by me*)

Did you enjoy the tour?

don't forget to enter my Giveaway a Wonderland!


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