Sometimes it's fun to go with your friends in group costumes, a great solution for originality is to shop for your costumes in wholesale clothing. You can get six items in different sizes for everyone!


I hope you'll be so patient to wait for the next week for new posts, pics, idea... I've been so busy this week!!!


Can't wait to read all of your bog and see what have you done for Halloween!

I'm on a hurry...gotta gooo!


{Birthday ...}

Hi Ladies...

today it's my Birthday... Actually it was...15 minute left and it will be the 29th of october...
I'm 35... I feel younger than my real age... I'm so happy today I've received so many calls, messages, mails, from all my dear friends, all my relatives and also from some of you that follow me on Facebook. I've received unexpected gifts, beautiful roses, and lots and lots of love!

I hade dinner with my family and my Mr B. and I baked my Birthday's Cake.

It's a sponge cake filled with cream cheese and chocolate chips covered with a pink icing and chocolate icing too decorated with strawberry, raspberry. very good very good!!!

Now I go to bed... so tired! I'll celebrate till Sunday! so many friends and cakes!

Don't miss my next posts... Etsy favourite store and more pics!

Love you ladies...




I know I'm late with my monday post but lately I'm have always been in a hurry and wit a lot of things to do...

How was your weekend and how did you start that week , the last of the months? My weekend has been great. Saturday in Florence...what can I say? Warmy weather, beautiful stores, good food. I visited the city and walked all day long. I met also my cousin with her hubby an her cutest little boys. I'll show you the pics as soon as possible! Then yesterday it was a relaxing Sunday (we've changed the time and so we slept one hour more) we went to the gym, then we had a brunch and late the afternoon we went to see "Parnassus". I really loved it! heath was great! Have you already seen the movie?

Friday I've promised you to post the pics about mylast "bakery" and here they are...

Chocolate Macaron

Pink macarons with strawberry jam

Blueberries cookies

I'm so happy. I really love my pics and my improvements! I know I have to learn so many things (almost everything) but I think I'm going in the right way!

Now it's time to go to bed...

See you tomorrow!


{I'm so happy ...}

Hei girls...
this week have been very busy for me... I'm doing great and I wanna share with you my first "works" .

I made a pair of ballerina and an headband.

I had this pair of ballerina and I've decided to custom them! It's really simple and easy to's the second pair I've made and I'm thinking to do it more and more...I just need more ballerinas in every colors and maybe I could go on with my new project...
You'll be the first to know!

Then I've made a green headband. I'm obsessed with them and even if I don't wear them everyday I like to collect them. That's why I'm thinking to do more headbands...Actually today I bought all the material to made them! I like to create things... My first "clients" will be my friends, then maybe I'll do a giveaway but one thing at the time...

I'll show my next works very soon!

And at the end I've made macarons... Delicious macarons but a bit complicated to make!

... I'm sorry ...I'm in a hurry... It's already 2 am and I have to wake up at 7.... I'll show you more pics next time...

Just let me tell you what do you think about everything!

I wish you a great weekend!

Love you!


{Welcome to Europe}

I'm totally in love with Anthropologie. I think it's defenitely one of my fav american stores ever. They have the most amazing and unique items for you, your body and your home too. A bit expensive but it is worth going just for a visit!

Finally it's arrived in Europe too! The opening date for one of Anthropologie's (they have the web address dedicate to the London Stores) two upcoming London stores is October 23rd.

The store will be in Regent Street, in the heart of London's busiest shopping district. Anthropologie's Staff says "we hope this store will become your beloved escape – a place where you can take a deep breath and spend some time".

The second one will open next spring we will on London's King's Road in the beautiful Antiquarius building. Around the same time, the online shop will begin serving the UK and all of Europe, too. I hope the delivery will be less expensive than now from the USA!

They expect to have about 50 stores open in Europe next year... where the next? Paris? Amsterdam? Berlin? Who knows! As soon as I'll discover it I'll let you know.

I'm so happy about that! I'm planning a trip to London for Christmas holiday and I'll stop in Regent Street for sure and maybe I'll even meet one of you! What a beautiful place to know each other?

So ladies... save money!

P.s.: Next step? J. Crew starts to deliver to Italy too!


{Etsy favourite store of the week: Trampoline}

Thanks to Dionne and her amazing blog, I always discover unique things, new bloggers and new etsy stores. One week ago she wrote a post about Trampoline, an incredible etsy store.

The only information I have of the owner is her name, Kim, well known as Ethanollie, and her profile description. She wrote :

"my name is kim. i'm an art lover. i like to look at pretty things. i like to create. i like to commit, to obsess, to change my mind. i'm a mama to an amazing 5 year old. i decided to take a leap of faith... WELCOME... to trampoline! Female, Born on September 3"

Just few words to describe a great talented person. If you want to know something more about her and her etsy store , please visit Dionne.

On her store you can find old vintage items, polaroids, fabrics, furnitures home details... It's better if you see with your eyes what you can buy...

Set of Vintage Play Balls

Scalloped Milk Glass Hobnail Bucket

Antique Tapestry Rug Fabric Yardage

Vintage Kodak Brownie Flash Six 20

Leatherleaf... (Set of Antique Botanical Lithograph prints)

School Spirit...Vintage Felt Pennant

and many, many other more items to buy!

If you desire to be featured in my Etsy project feel free to send me an email at


{A cold sunny weekend}

Hello ladies!
How are you? How was your weekend?

I've done a lot of things as usual I do every weekends.

Saturday morning I did shopping to the Radà outlet store, an italian clothing and accessories label very nice and romantic. Luckily a friend introduced me to the outlet where you can find very interesting occasion at a good price 'cause, otherwise, it's very expensive!
They sell shoes, bags, clothes, scarves, accessories with a very feminine touch! For a romantic and strong woman, a rock-and-roller lady! A modern Audrey Hepburn!

They have also nice things for home... when I'll have my own nest I'll buy something for sure, candles, domes, table set!

We ended the day with a fantastic dinner at the Indian restaurant ... Potli samosa, mint chicken, basmati rice with vegetables and spices...I love indian food!

Yesterday we slept till late. It's great when it's cold outside to turn over in bed under the blankets! Since it was a sunny day, not particularly cold, we took a wolk from home to the city center that it's almost 5 km ! We walked for more than 4 hours!!!
Nike shoes to be comfortable, my camera and ready to go!

I found those roses in a secret gardens that I've discovered behind one of the old doors of the old palaces of the center...

My one and only Mr B.

Unfortunately all the stores are closed on Sunday. Just very few are open... We love to stop at the library. Lately, I'm totally in love with books about photos. Yesterday I found Steve Mc Queen's photo book. I think he's fantastic, great actor with a innate style and he had the kind of face you'd love to take a swipe at. What a fascinating look, don't you think?

Ok Paul Newman was fantastic too! Hard to choose!

and then me after 3 hours of walk...!!! tired to death, and we had almost another hour to walk before to arrive at home!

I hope you had a great monday! See you tomorrow!


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