{Giveaway, Headbands and a movie}

What a day!

So many things happened...

First, I've been brave and you'll be so proud of me... I cut my hair... Actually, they are still long enough to say " I have long hair" but for me they are short! So short... I keep saying that they grow fast, that they need to be cut for their health, that in Winter it's better short hair, that I'm nice, that they make me younger... I miss my long hair!!!

Lesson number 1: when you say to your hair stylist that you want him to cut " till here" (pointing the point with your finger!!!) be sure she/he understand where/how/what do you mean!!!

BTW... I like my new cut!!!

Do you remember my firsts works (a ballerina and an headband)? Well, I did more headbands and many other things 'cause my intention is to open Alice's Etsy shop (Any of you knows the rules about Taxes, Laws...I need help!) and then, maybe, a real store ... Not only abouts my headbands... But you already know that! I'm boring ... I know!!!

This is made with 4 grey silk Origami Flowers ...

This is made with black grosgrain and fuchsia velvet ribbon...

I love to made them... At the moment they are just gifts for friends...
If you wanna buy them, they are very cheap and they could be a nice gift for Christmas and they are unique! :)!
I'll show you more pics soon!

This evening I went to the movie ... It was the "New Moon" night... Love it! I was almost the older, if you don't count the parents that took their girls to the movie! Sigh!

Then I have an announce to make: "I'm doing my first GIVEAWAY!!!" YEAHHHH! (don't worry, not with my headbands or a cake!)

I cannot say nothing more... It will be a surprise but tomorrow, during the day I'll reveal what it's all about! I'm so excited and I know you'll love it!

So... don't forget to come to visit me... the rules? Visit me, became follower, leave a comment and cross finger!!!


If you desire to be featured in my Etsy project feel free to send me an email at

I'd like to be the Host for your giveaway... send me an email if you want! It would be an honour for me!

13 commenti:

  1. Gaia-your hair looks great in the headband. I really like the grey origami flower one. Good luck with your Give Away!!!!

  2. I cannot wait. I am simply obsessed with headbands and yours are stunning!

  3. Do it! They're grrreat! The grey origami is particularly stunning! xo kitty

  4. Beautiful headbands, and love the photos of you taking the photos!

  5. Gaia Dear, I am so coming back tomorrow! (:

    But let's talk about your headbands. They are amazing! You are soooo talented! (I want to reserve the gray one - presto! Send me the details in a separate e-mail).

    Cyber hug, Mon

  6. Beautiful! You did a great job Gaia!

  7. Love your newmade hair-jewelry!! You're so creative -keep 'working'!!..I'd like to se your new haircut.. Love//Eva

  8. il cerchietto fucsia è la cosa più bella del mondo. va beh, lo sai, te ne acquisto uno appena diventi acquistabile :)

  9. Great work Gaia!! I LOVE the hair bands... I will buy some (not for presents, for me!! I couldn't give them away haha!!)


  10. Both are stunning, but the grey is definitely my fave!

  11. How lovely! You are so talented. Hooray for giveaways!

  12. oh my gosh...i want the grey do i get my hands on one??

    you are so talented!!! they are all so beautiful!!!

    email me pleaseeee!!!!



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