{... and the Winner is....}

that means: Mimi Charmante you are the luckiest to receive the 25% discount from Nadinoo!

Can you send me your email address? Nodinoo will write you the code for the discount! I hope you'll share with us your purchase!!!

I'm so happy you win and I'm so sorry for you that you didn't win! Please, stay tuned!! I promis I'll do another (or 2) giveaway contest before Christmas!

Thank you all for participating!!!


If you desire to be featured in my Etsy project feel free to send me an email at

I'd like to be the Host for your giveaway... send me an email if you want! It would be an honour for me!

4 commenti:

  1. I passed along an award to you in my recent post! xxx

  2. Congrats for the winner!
    ps: today is my birthday!

  3. Big Congrats!
    I look forward to sewing you a pretty Nadinoo garment. x



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