{I'm so happy ...}

Hei girls...
this week have been very busy for me... I'm doing great and I wanna share with you my first "works" .

I made a pair of ballerina and an headband.

I had this pair of ballerina and I've decided to custom them! It's really simple and easy to's the second pair I've made and I'm thinking to do it more and more...I just need more ballerinas in every colors and maybe I could go on with my new project...
You'll be the first to know!

Then I've made a green headband. I'm obsessed with them and even if I don't wear them everyday I like to collect them. That's why I'm thinking to do more headbands...Actually today I bought all the material to made them! I like to create things... My first "clients" will be my friends, then maybe I'll do a giveaway but one thing at the time...

I'll show my next works very soon!

And at the end I've made macarons... Delicious macarons but a bit complicated to make!

... I'm sorry ...I'm in a hurry... It's already 2 am and I have to wake up at 7.... I'll show you more pics next time...

Just let me tell you what do you think about everything!

I wish you a great weekend!

Love you!

16 commenti:

  1. Completely clever shoes and headbands. So original! And I'm always in awe of people who can make beautiful desserts like these macaroons! Yum! Wendy xxx

  2. Your shoes look gorgeous! And you made macaroons, well done, I've been wanting to make them for ages!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  3. Gaia! Im so happy too because I made the most adorable header in the world! your flats look way better and navy!!!! and the haidband is something that Blair Waldorf would wear! if you do a givaway please send want to vnzla!
    and the macaroons (oh my!)
    ps: please tell me what you think about my header if you like it I'll be really happy and if you dont I might get a little bit sad but Ill be glad to know that you always tell me the true

  4. those shoes are so cute, gaia! You are very talented!

    Happy weekend

  5. Okay, I hope we wear the same size shoe because I want that pair! SOOOO adorable and beyond spectacular after your additions!

    And the headbands - I'm thinking you need to open an Etsy store NOW! Pronto!

    Cannot believe you made those macaroons - What? They are so hard to make and look at beautiful they turned out! must be exhausted after such a creative day of artistic wonders!

  6. lovely! I love the macaroons, too- I have heard that they are pretty difficult to make, so congrats, girl :))

  7. The Ballerinas are so stinkin adorable!!! and the headband looks like something right out of gossip girl... I love :)

  8. What macaron recipe did you use? I have been trying and trying and can't get them right.

    Lovely and yummy.


  9. Gaia, you are soooo creative! And you have excellent taste. I think you have lined up customers already - just by sharing these images. You go girl! OX Monika.

  10. Wow, the shoes are amazing. You are so talented!! {and the macaroons are so pretty and look delicious}


  11. It's all so gorgeous! You little shoes are so pretty, and you already know my thoughts on those delicious macarons!

  12. Wow, Gaia, the macaroons look lovely! I somehow manage to burn even simple chocolate chip cookies. As for the flats, they are adorable as well. An Etsy store should be in your future. :)

  13. ohh, I love your re-creations! and I especially love the look of your beautifully pink macaroons ♥

  14. in love with your pretty headband and shoes they are adorable! im trying to get into making some pretty jewellery and hair pieces at the moment, i always see such wicked things and go to buy them then i could make this! but never get around to it :(
    anyway keep creating your stuff is beautiful



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