{Guest Post: Zaira}

My sweet friends,

here I'm with my weekly guest post.

Zaira, the owner of Little Emma English Home is my guest.  I asked her to describe herself and she told me that "... I've always been an employee, but I've always dreamt to do something else, to live 10 different lifes. I love to cook, to take pics, to read and write, to travel and to sing ( I've studied opera for few years). I'm a shy person, but with the help of the music and with the right persons I take out the real me,  revealing my crazy soul. 
I've decided to have a blog because I needed to express myself and to share my passions. 
Blogging gave me the chance to find again myself. 
Now I couldn't do without it!"

I really like her blog and her way to write. She shows beautiful things, most of them aro also my favorites, she talks about herself without filters and she 's not afraid to reveal her lacks.

Visit her blog and you'll see what I'm talking about!!!


Hello dearest!

When Gaia asked me to guest post

in her wonderful blog

I was so honoured and happy!

She's very talented

I love each post and recently

I discovered what a brilliant photographer she is.

Thank you Gaia!!!

So here I am

Telling you something about me

I'm a simple girl

I like genuine things

Sometimes I think that

Country life

Would be my ideal way of living

-except I'm afraid of bugs-

I have lots of interests

But very little time to follow them all

Sometimes I would like to have 10 lives

and live them all together

I love cooking and baking

Taking photographs



has always been my greatest passion

A bookshop is for me like a jam pot for a bee

If I could be a literary protagonist

I would like to be Elizabeth Bennet

I'm always involved in some new project

Now i want to learn knitting

and sewing

London and Paris are cities after my heart

but my greatest dream is to

Live in a cottage in the English country

I usually go to bed very late at night

and wake up early in the morning

But sometimes I like

to go back to bed after breakfast

And  linger a bit with a book

I'm a dreamy girl

I hope that soon I can find

the perfect one for me

And live in a pretty house with

A garden

Cross my finger xx


Thank you Zaira

my finger are crossed for you...

See you soon, but really really soon!!!!

18 commenti:

  1. Dolce Zaira...fra poco avrò il piacere d'incontare anche te! :)

    Un bacino


  2. Hi there Miss Z!!! :).....

  3. le incrocio anche io! A prestissimissimo!

  4. che dolce Zaira!!!
    a prestissimo!

  5. Wow, I love this blog post. The simplicity of the words mixed in with the beautiful pictures was quite enjoyable. I will definitely check in more often:)

  6. Mamma Gaia, grazie infinite!!!! Per me è stato un onore essere tua ospite! E grazie a tutte per i loro commenti carinissimi. Non vedo l'ora di conoscervi ragazze xx

  7. ciao Zaira complimenti...a te che sei, semplicemente sei, sostanza dei giorni miei, compagna dei sogni miei…
    baci rosa

  8. Brava Zaira!!! che bello questo guest post!
    Ci vediamo prestimissimo!

  9. Zaira sei mitica!!!!!!!
    Un grosso bacio Gilda

  10. Oh that last picture! Sooo beautiful. Well done Zaira!.. and Gaia, i would love to do a guest post for you after i'm back. XX

  11. Fabulous guest post Zaira. You know the fabulous Gaia?! Love how you said you would like to have 10 lives and live them all together - my thoughts exactly!

    Don't worry the perfect one is waiting out ther for you...he will be a very lucky guy! Fingers crossed!!

    Thanks for sharing your friends Gaia!

  12. Lovely post !!......two lovely girls in one blog !!! it's a wonderful world !!! kisses for both of you..............

  13. Sweet...nice to meet Miss Z. olive♥

  14. Hi Z!
    I came to call and
    found you out ~ so
    tiptoed over here
    to G's....
    Lovely post and
    lovely to meet a
    new blog, too!
    Wishing you all
    of the beautiful
    things your heart
    desires, sweet
    friend! xx Suzanne

  15. Two of my favorite quirky bloggers!

  16. i post di gaia sono sempre come piccoli pasticcini da sorseggiare con il the per me :)
    e ho detto tutto! un bacione a entrambe


  17. So nice to get to know you a bit better,Zaira. I agree with almost everything you said and love the pics you've chosen!:)



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