{Guest Post: Maria}

Dear Friend, 

my guest post serie go on and this week the protagonist is Maria from Dreamy White.

Maria... It's a little bit difficult describe her because I don't want to devalue her with my words.
I've met her few months ago. Federica introduced me to her amazing, cozy and literally "pure heaven" blog.
She interviewed me 2 weeks ago and today she returned the favour writing for me!

She 's a 34 years old girl, with a beautiful family and she has the  one of the most dificult job in the world. She's a mom, she's a wife she's the hub of her amazing family.

She married her sweet high school boyfriend... how romantic!!!

She has 5 children ... can you believe it!

She has a big family, she has a big house with a very big garden, she has a lot to do , she has a magnificent blog and now she's planning to opne her own online store.... Isn't it fantastic?
If you have ever visited her blog you should have seen her house. She has a thing for interior and she knows what and how to decorate an house!

Her "... interests include interior design, photography, graphic design, decorating for weddings, antiques, and just being creative. I have an addiction to painting everything white. I love to decorate. I believe you can create any space what you want it to be. (of course your husband has to be in agreement, right?) ..."

Once you'll visit her you'll never leave!
Trust me!


My name is Maria,
I first want to say thank you to Gaia for asking me to guest post for her, I am a big fan of Gaia's blog and am honored to be here.
I just recently painted the inside of my cabinet, which was inspired by Gaia's cabinet makeover.
After I saw Gaia's inspiring post on making over her beautiful antique cabinet,
I knew I had to paint the inside of my cabinet.
It is something I have been wanting to do for a long time, but I couldn't decide if I wanted to paint it a bright white or a gray.

I decided to paint the inside a very subtle gray.
It is called Horizon, a Benjamin Moore color.
I actually painted a brighter white as my base coat, which was called swiss coffee, and then lightly painted one coat of Horizon over the top of the swiss coffee color.
I like to layer two different whites when I paint my furniture.
This kind of gives a layering effect.

The outside of the cabinet was already this blue color when I bought it.
I was told the cabinet came from Europe.

I actually use it to store many different things.

I have used it to house our t.v.
However my husband now has a t.v. that is too big to fit in the cabinet.

I sometimes store my pillows in this cabinet, the ones shown are all made from vintage linens.

My sister and mom made all of the pillows you see in the cabinet.

I wanted to make sure I had my french ticking pillows in here, since I know Gaia loves stripes.

It came with chicken wire, which I love.
I also loved how Gaia added chicken wire to her cabinet.

I love the old hardware on this cabinet.

I love the doors.

It is the perfect cabinet to store my grain sacks in.

I am always changing around what I have
displayed in this cabinet.

Thank you Gaia for asking me to guest post for you!
I hope to someday travel to Italy and meet all of you amazing girls from Italy!
I hope you are all having a great week!
Take Care,

So, I wasn't wrong! She's amazing. Can you imagine how beautiful her store will be?
Thank you Maria for such a sweet post!
You have a unique talent and a beautiful soul...
and your cabinet and your pillows are really beautiful!

Have a hot sunny day!

p.s.: Girls .... I'm so touched from all of your comments!
You made my day everyday!
love you!

19 commenti:

  1. è veramente uina donna incredibile...riesce sempre a catturare gli occhi ed i cuori delle persone!
    She is really an incredible woman... she can catch eyes and herts of everybody!!!
    Irene valdirose

  2. Oh what a beautiful post on the wonderful Maria. I just adore the makeover of the cabinet...looks like something out of a decor magazine!!
    xoxo DJ

  3. she's so sweet and she has the most amazing family!and she's so talented too!

  4. O yes i know Maria....great post this!! have a happy day darling both of you,...............hugs Ria...

  5. Oh wow, I am speechless, that cabinet looks amazing Maria. You did an excellent job!
    How lovely to find you here today :)
    I totally agree with Gaia, your home is gorgeous and your online store will be stunning! Oh I can't wait to be one of your first clients!
    The runner that you sent to me was gorgeous! After summer vacations I absolutely want to organize a lunch or a dinner with my friends using your beautiful runner on my table :)

    Great guest post!


  7. Penso proprio che andrò a fare un giro sul suo blog...le premesse sono buone!

  8. Chi non conosce il blog di Maria! Ci sono sempre delle foto bellissime e ambienti shabbosissimi come piace tanto a me!

    Un bacino!


  9. Gaia thank you for featuring Maria...her talents are endless!!! The cabinet makeover is so beautiful as are all of the amazing products she is planning for her shop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now I must go back thru and check out your cabinet makeover :)

    Have a wonderful day ~

    :) T

  10. Oh, how I love coming here! And today you've shared Maria's blog, which is also a favorite of mine!

    Her cabinet is gorgeous - in fact I have one that I keep thinking I may paint blue! :)

    Have a lovely day, Gaia!

  11. Maria! is there anything you can't do beatifully I wonder ?
    The cabinet is beyond lovely,absolutely amazing. It's picture perfect like everything you do !

    Grazie Gaia, un guest post di Maria è il massimo , wow

  12. Hi Gaia,
    Thanks for the guest post from Maria. I follow her blog and love her style too. It's good to meet you through this guest post! Have a beautiful summer day too.

  13. Dear Gaia,
    Thank you so much for asking me to guest post for you. Hopefully someday I can really visit Italy!!
    Thank you for what you said about me as well. You are too kind!
    I am sorry it took me so long today to get my post up and running... I hope you are having a great day!
    p.s. Thank you to all of your followers who took the time to say such wonderful things about my post on your blog!

  14. Hi Gaia! New to your blog via Dreamy is beautiful! I have enjoyed reading through many of your posts and see such inspiration. I love Maria's style and her blog...thank you for sharing with us all. Will be back by often to visit.


  15. Mia cara amica Maria ha una bellisima casa. Ed questo armadio e una delle piu belle che ho visto in tanto tempo ;)
    Buona fin settimana Gaia

  16. PS I love the pictures of NIce!!! it seems just the place for me!

  17. just found out your lovely blog thru Maria ~ Dreamy Whites - I love your blog, will keep following you. have a great day Gaia !!

  18. you certainly have great taste! Maria is such a nice person....

  19. Love that cabinet, the color is perfect and it is great for so many uses. She has a beautiful home, I love how bright and airy it is.

    Maria, have you ever shared that wall color? It looks so pretty.




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