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Few weeks ago I visited a fantastic "outdoor exhibition" that was held in a park near where I live.

A very nice show about everything for gardens, weddings, interiors design and many more. I love that kind of events. You know my love for flowers, for interior and for weddings organization.

Lots of ideas to copy for table sets and for wedding decorations!
One of my fav stand was Flo' Fiori,  a very famous florist. His decorations and sets are fantastic and unusual... Glass domes, old bottles, ceramic dishes, flowers, rustic bouquet, candles...

Look at the Veranda (winter garden or orangerie, or Limonaia!)...

Extraordinary table set for outdoor summer dinners!

And what about those cakes?
Yummy flower cakes, made with peonies, roses and lots of marshmallos!

Lots of old furniture to use as set design.
Because at the end a wedding is like a perfect romantic movie and everything as to be studied with care, thinking to all the details!

and of course lavander...

*photos by me*

I know that some of you will appreciate those ideas...
love you!

13 commenti:

  1. Eh si, proprio io! Quel giorno ero sprovvista di macchina...male, malissimo! Ho proprio tu sai che non era una gran bella giornata :(

  2. Lovely photos, great athmosphere!! Thanks for sharing//Eva

  3. Your photos are so lovely. I wish I could have been there walking through all that lovliness myself. Thank you for sharing Gaia. xx

  4. tavola così rustica e semplice è stupenda...e le ultime foto con la lavanda....meravigliose!
    Giulia s.

  5. Nice collection of pictures! These are some really wonderful colors from daily life...

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    Pixellicious Photos

  6. Great pics! I love the flower and marshmallow cakes :-)

  7. io lo apprezzo molto ! Sai sempre cogliere i dettagli migliori! Avrei voluto esserci anche io!

  8. Quando dici: "Il matrimonio è come un film romantico e perfetto, studiare con cura, pensando a tutti i dettagli!", ti adoro, hai perfettamente ragione!

    Come si chiama questa fiera? C'è tutti gli anni a Bologna? sentiamo fra un pò!


  9. Love it love it!
    How did you learn to take pics in that way? Everything by yourself?Congrats

  10. ma io, quel giorno DOV'ERO???


    meno male che ci siete tu e la tua canon cara gaia :)

  11. Ciao Gaia,
    grazie per il tuo passaggio al mio tuo e' gia' da un po' che lo ammiro!!!Queste immagini mi fanno ritornare la voglia di risposarmi...COSI' POTREI CAMBIARE TUTTO ..TRANNE LO SPOSO..heheheh!!
    Complimenti per il tuo lavoro.. STUPENDISSIMO ...CHI SA' QUANTE SODDISFAZIONI!!!Baciottino e buona serata,

  12. So lovely! Very inspirational. I ned to get my butt in gear and get the place in order!

    ps. I have a glass of white waiting for you on my blog today. It's a very good wine. Not sure if you would find it in Italy with all the gems you've got there already! :o)

  13. Tutto assolutamente WOW!!!
    La prossima volta ricordati anche di me ;)



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