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It's more then a year that I follow "Creature Comforts" an amazing blog about craft, photos, idesa, DIY projects and many many more.

It's the ... little inspirational heaven ... of Ez ((pronounced Ee-zee) !

Have you even been there? It's my daily appointment. Everyday, as a great magician, she take out from her top hat fantastic colors, ideas, pics. I also use to try to make some of her project that are easy and simple!

Yesterday she wrote a beautiful post about the "art of copying"!. I'm not an artist, I'm not a designer, I'm not doing something to be worried about that someone could copy me or steal my ideas, but she really touched me...

She say "...but I do know that it is wrong to steal another person's ideas/designs and play them off as your own. Copying takes on so many forms (from blog layouts, product packaging, full design copies, etc) and when you see it happen or it's done to you it really hurts. And not just the original artist, but the design community at large. I really love this independent design community...but time and time again I see this sort of underhandedness go on from within the very community that should be fostering originality and inspiration amongst one another, and it really upsets me.

So, what I wanted to have in answer to my lovely sponsors plea for help was a novel of fighting words and copyright law jargon for her to use to right this wrong, but ultimately I told her what I have learned myself (yes...there are copycats of my work out there too)...and that is this:

Anyone who knows and loves your work will recognize the care and true talent that you put into creating it. Of course this doesn't really help to make it hurt any less. But it helps me to remember that imitators are simply small people without the talent to come up with their own ideas. I have been copied (in all of my businesses) countless times. Each time it does sting, but then I try to allow their wrong-doing to become the fuel for my continued growth as an "artist / designer."

You really have to read her entire post. I agree with what she said because it has to hurts badly to see people copying you and get all the honours and merits.

"There may be a thousand other imitators out there throughout the years...but you have to remember that YOU are the original!"

Hello ladies... I hope you'll have a great weekend! I'm going back to France for a very short holidays with my family... Still planning the trip I hope to go!

If not, see you there soon!

Love you

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  1. wow! that is such a touching post :) and you're going to france? how lovely that will be!

  2. spero che riaprano gli aeroporti, altrimenti è una semi-paralisi per tutti!!!!

  3. Ciao gaia, ho appena finito di leggere il post su Creature Comfort, hai ragione è veramente profondo. Inoltre grazie a questa tua segnalazione ho scoperto un blog bellissimo, pieno zeppo di ispirazioni d'ogni genere! Ti auguro una buona vacanza in Francia!

  4. That is a very good post on Creature Comfort. Sometimes it is so hard to make something entirely original with all the great designs out there but, I think the ones that copy every detail are terrible. You should always be able to add your own creativity to the things you make. It's kind of like photo you can learn all the technical parts of taking pictures but if you don't have the eye for composition your photo is only okay.

    I love your last photo with the little color layers. Very pretty! Hope you have a wonderful time in France. I'm longing to go there someday soon. Have a wonderful weekend dear! xoxo

  5. Bonjour Gaia,
    Great post about copying and I'll be sure to check out this blog. How wonderful you're heading to France. The weather here has been absolutely beautiful. I know you'll enjoy it.
    Bonne week,

  6. I love your new blog lay-out! Hope you are doing well, Gaia!

  7. merci pour tes mots dans mon univers,surtout que j'aime beaucoup ton blog.
    Bonne semaine


  8. Love the new look of your blog Gaia!

    I agree - where does inspiration stop and copying start? It's a fine line, but I always try and put my own slant on things and hope others do the same if they were to use any of my ideas themselves.

    Have a LOVELY time in France :)


  9. Great post! Hope you had a nice trip! Love//Eva

  10. love creature comforts!! you have a lovely and inspiring blog :)



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