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Leigh & Luca is a New York's brand. The owners Gillian Leigh and Susann Luca met on a downtown Manatthan subway platform. They created an unique and stunning collection loved by stars as Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez and Naomi Watts.

This is my favorite. They are a must-have luxury and unique accessories!

Do you know how to wear a scarf? Don't worry they explain it:

click oin the pics to make them bigger

I love scarves they are THE perfect accessories not only to make you warm but also to make you irresistible and to transform your outfit in a terrific outfit!
That brand
just makes me thinking that I need some new scarves for next winter!

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  1. i have always loved leigh & luca, they have the most stunning peices. and this totally put me in the mood for winter!

  2. OH WOW!!! these are SO BEAUTIFUL!! you have such a great eye for these things!

  3. Those little stick girls make me smile! So cute!

  4. I love the pink & brown one Gaia!!!
    How cool & curious all at once that you discover the great finds on my continent???
    You'd be the perfect personal shooper to the stars!!!

  5. I love scarfs too...Such a great and useful accessoire!I´ve bought two at my Mallorca-trip,and I can use them as a scarf,a dress or a skirt at the beach,whatever I want...I LOVE practicly things ;o)
    Wish you a great day today!

  6. I love this looks. Fabulous and very stylish

  7. Love these... scarves are such great accessories (and a must here in the winter!)

    Saskia x

  8. Thanks for the intro - I didn't know these scarves and they are totally gorgeous, xv.

  9. i LOVE scarves! they truly do make an outfit. you found some great ones with very cute patterns! and i love the "how to" instructions you provided! haha

  10. Great tips on the scarf tying!

  11. whoa! great post, I haven't heard of the brand before. thanks for sharing!

  12. oh i love these!! great finds i have to go check out their shop!

  13. i am in love with scarves... and have been missing them (90 degrees and super humid around here) but i may just have to wear one anyway after seeing this post. love the little drawings too
    found you thru sweet as glad i did.

  14. Thank you ladies...I wish I could hug you in a warm scarf!!!!

    Saskia: I have a problem with your blog I cannot write you back! Help me!



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