{Vrum, Vrum...}

I got it!!!

I'm glad to present you my last love....Her name is Lucilla (I know sound strange!!!)

Please give a big welcome to

I wished it was pink but I decided for the black one !!! I'll be like Audrey in "Roman holiday"

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  1. There is something so decadent, in my opinion, about Vespas. They feel romantic and stylish. Flaunting ones independance in a city could be shown no better way :)

  2. she is DARLING! nice to meet you, Lucilla :) lol

  3. I want one of these so badly...they are everywhere here in SF!

  4. wow how beautiful and coooool it is :) congrats, I hope you'll love it!

  5. you have this!!!!!! omyLORDABOVE!! lucky you!!!

    and sorry to sound like your mom, but please be careful! and have fun. it looks so fantastically fun!

  6. So fun...I would love to whisk around the city on one of these.

  7. You will look so pretty in a Vespa in Italy!
    I love those motorcycles! they are so european, movie-like...
    good luck with it!

  8. oh my gosh oh my gosh!!! so fun!!! so jealous!! can't wait to see lots of pics of you on it!!

  9. questo motorino e molto carino!

    Come Nicole Marie voglio vedere molte foto con tu ed il suo nuovo motorino :)

  10. Nice to meet you Lucilla! Now we can run together throughout the city with our "vrum vrum"!

  11. Wonderful! She's a real charmer, Gaia. And, yes, we'll be in Venice/Florence (primarily) in March of 2010 and I would love any help you could offer. I would be so grateful since you find the most beautiful places to stay at! Is there a certain website you always use for vacation rentals, I wonder?

  12. Lucilla looks just great! Have a perfect weekend//Eva

  13. Woo Hoo! Take lots of pics!

  14. WOW!! I'm envious Gaia!!! There's a wonderful Vespa shop near my home and I drool whenever I go past!!

    Have a fantastic weekend and enjoy Lucille :)

    Saskia xx

    PS My Canon 40d is amazing. I'd really recommend it - it's lovely to hold, has fantastic battery life, the canon lenses are superb...

    PPS I've bought an old Holga camera from Ebay!! I can't wait to try it out. I'm still waiting for it to arrive... I'm getting very impatient!

  15. Wow... very cute Gaia! I bet she'll be a great friend that will take you lots of fun places! I do agree with you - pink would have been soooo cool, but black is very stylish too.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog again. I always appreciate your visits. I'm with you - there are many styles I like! I would probably have a hard time if I was going to decorate a beach house and had to start from scratch. Now I actually do have a house by the ocean and it's filled with things that I have inherited and things my husband and I have bought on a very low budget... so it's a mix and match of a lot of things... (Not perfect, but quite cozy)

    Have a lovely week Gaia!

  16. Now you just need to tie the scarf around your head & find Gregory Peck to hold onto!!!!
    Oh the chic adventures you will have!!!
    Wishing you a wind through your hair Sunday!!!

  17. So much fun!

    Thanks for the lovely comments and stopping by my blog.

  18. hey! I love vespas :D my weekend was pretty busy with dance presentation and french final exams so I couldn´t comment. But everything went out well: the show was great and I GOT 20/20 POINTS!
    And you? how do your weekend with your boyfriend went out!
    My best wishes for Lucilla!

  19. AAAAHHH - I WANT IT TOOOOO!!!!! So fun!!!! Lucky you - wish you always a great time with Lucilla!!!! Have a great day today, geisslein

  20. i love your blog. visit mine please at Maybe if you like you can post about it or link it, i would love that!!!!

  21. Hey Gaia!

    Thanks for stopping by. And same here... I can't wait for Lucilla! I think she's just fab!

  22. Alicia I have already my Gregory Peck and I'll put a safe helmet on my head, better decision!!!! It's not romantic as the movie but it's safer!!!

  23. Too cute! You must be so happy driving that every time!



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