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Hello girls! I'm enjoying my last days of holiday... 
Beach sea, sun, hot (too hot!)...

Can you believe Summer is at the end... It make me feel sad , really sad!
It's almost a month that I live can I think to wear shoes and boots? 

Anyway... now I live you, I'm going to swim ....
See you next week...I'll be back with my post!! 

Today you can find me at Jessica's blog

3 commenti:

  1. Being back in the routine horror anda first week after everything returns to normal and begin to dream of the next few weeks.

    Today my feet also require you to sand, and the slippers ...

  2. Ciao.. ospite,vado a leggerti da Jessica!!

  3. I am really sad it's almost the end of summer too! It just seemed to fly by :( Looking forward to your next post :)



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