{Simple life ...}

... it's the better life!

Hello my ladies, did you have a good weekend? It was my first weekend that I had
nothing to do since we've moved.

I had the time to relax, enjoy a good breakfast, read my magazines and buy peonies!!! you know they are a "must have" at home!

And you?

Have a great week darlings!

p.s. thanks F....


{Sunshine in your soul}

*photo by me*

Have a great weekend my darlings!

I just hope to have two days f Sun... What to do? Still don't know...we will improvise. I'd love to make a pic nic...and you?

Can't wait to hear about your plans!

Love you ll!


{Friday's Kitchen}

I love French dishes and in particular vegetable dishes. This is the perfect season to prepare a good Ratatouille , a provencal dish from Nice a city that I adore.

Easy to prepare, it's usually served as a side dish but it can be also served with pasta or rice. I like it with cous cous and chicken!

Add all the vegetables you like, extra virgin oil some spices, pepper and salt and... Tadà...

I'd love to have a lunch with all of you... Just think about it! Wouldn't be nice to stay toghether for few hours, good food, great cold wine and lots of chats?

Thanks girls for your visit!


{Guest Post: Federica}

My dear Friends,
my Guest Post serie continue with Federica. I know that all of you know her . She's my sweet friend, we live next door. I love her blog and I think she's doing a great job...

First of all, I'd like to thank Gaia for allowing me to guest blog for you all today! I was so honored for the generous invitation. Gaia is really important to me, she's a good friend.

I guess I should introduce myself, I’m Federica, and you can find me over at Sweet as a Candy, wich is my blog and where I love to share with all my lovely readers all the things I love: interior design, decor ideas, fashion, crafts, photography and many other things. Gaia has become such a dear friend to me since 7 years ago when we met, I simply adore her. When she asked me to post for her, I was completely flattered, but freaked out at the same time. What could I possibly say to all her readers? Then I decided to just keep it real, and post about a few of my favourite things....I hope you enjoy!

As some of you know that may have visited my blog before, I am a self-confessed home decor addict. Seriously, I simply cannot get enough when it comes to decorative mirrors, throw pillows, lamp shades, etc.

This is the reason why I love my home. I had such a great time decorating it, and I love the final result. Fresh, cozy and very welcoming. Whites, greys, neutral colors, this is my home. I love them. My home is always filled with flowers. I used to buy a couple of bouquets at week, they are delicate and fragrant. Flowers can brighten up any room of the house! I love tucking flowers into every corner of my home. It doesn't really matter what the flower is, but my faves are peonies, tulips, lilac and bulbs.

I love walking throught flea and antique markets. You can always find something special, an old crystal chandelier, a vintage suitcase, beautiful porcelain, ......One of the thing I love about my home is that is very closed to this beautiful antique market.

I love, love, love cookbooks...I wish I used them more... But with my job and many other things to do, during the week time is always short and meals are pretty simple...But I love to organize dinners with friends and I used to do super yummy presents for them. Nice packages filled with goodies.

Nice packages, stationary, ribbons, bows, wrapping, ect I absolutely adore these things. I even dream of having enough space to have a craft and stationery room, one day! In the meantime, I'd love to make these for friends.

Thank you again Gaia for giving me this opportunity to guest post

on your beautiful blog.

Take care,




Today I've decided to celebrate Matherhood ( I know it was at the beginning of May... I know!). My friend's pregnancy make me think about it more than usual and I'm strongly convinced that I want to be a mom more than anything else.

You could be famous, you could be a normal person, you could be rich or poor but at the end you are a mother and that's it! You know that you won't never feel in the same way for anybody else.

You know that no matter what you'll be always there for your son/daughter.

You know that as soon as you see him/her you are totally and unconditionally in love.

"My mother was the most beautiful woman I ever saw. All I am I owe to my mother. I attribute all my success in life to the moral, intellectual and physical education I received from her." -- George Washington


God made a wonderful mother,
A mother who never grows old;
He made her smile of the sunshine,
And He moulded her heart of pure gold;
In her eyes He placed bright shining stars,
In her cheeks fair roses you see;
God made a wonderful mother,
And He gave that dear mother to me.
--Pat O'Reilly


{Lunch Toghether}

Good morning darlings!

Sunday was the perfect day for a lunch with friends. After a week of rain, Sunday was sunny and really hot and my friend Micaela organized a very nice outdoor lunch at her home.

She has a garden full of beautiful flowers, roses, lavender and many more and the things I've loved the most it's her Vespa...

It's her boyfriend's gift... Isn't it one of the sweetest romantic gift ever?
I've always dreamt to have my old style Vespa, and maybe one day I'll find one!

The food was yummy and my friend are fantastic!

BTW... this is him... Mr B...

Have a great week!


{Welcome ...}

Finally the day has arrived...

Few weeks ago I've told you about my friend Mary and her daughter.

Well, my niece Beatrice is born on Friday around 7.50 pm and she is 2.9 kg.

I've seen her yesterday and I can tell you she's the most beautiful girl I've ever seen (I'm the Aunty I would never tell you the opposite!), her lips are like two little strawberries. She's so tiny and perfect... I'm totally in love!

dear Bibi,

welcome to the world.

21/05/2010 2.9 kg

Happy weekend...


{A month of joy}

First of all I need to thank Irene. She has been a great guest and she did a perfect description of me without knowing me. Thank you Irene!

Yesterday me and Mr B, we have celebrated our first month in our home! I adore everything of being toghether. The daily life has been great till now. I love it from breakfast till dinner.

Mr B... you are my everything, my lover, my best friend, my night and my day.
I adore you. You know how to make me smile and how to make me mad at you! You are my first fan and you always encourage me on doing what I love. You know the real me and I can't hide nothing to you 'cause you discover it immediately.

You say you love me anyway and anyhow.

I love you because you are not perfect, because you don't always say "yes", because when I ask you to help me you say "later". I love you because you are one of the smartest person I know. I love you for many reason but none in particular.

You bring me favourites...

I love you and that's it!


{Guest post: Irene}

Hi Ladies,

having a Guest on a blog has a very special meaning for me. It's the celebration of a friendship or a simple acquaintance, it's a tribute for a talent or just to express admiration for someone, to praise for being kind and nice.
It starts with a post, you read the post, you love the header, or a pics or a quotes. You follow the blog daily, you start commenting on that blog, than you start a conversation by mail and that's how a blog's friendship begin ...

That's the meaning of a Guest on my blog...

The very sweet Irene from Valdirose has been very kind to accept to be my Guest... It's a truly honour for me! I love her blog, her style and after few mails I understood we have so much in common...

I hope you'll enjoy her post...It's very poetic!

Eccomi qua. Il mio nome è Irene il mio blog è Valdirose.
here I am. My name is Irene from the blog valdirose.

Sono pò imbarazzata ed emozionata ( sa, non c'è mai una seconda "prima impressione")

ma felice ed onorata di essere a casa di Gaia che ammiro...
I'm a little imbarassed and excited (you know, there is not a second "first impression")
but happy and honored to be at Gaia's home. I admire her so much...

Perchè la ammiro così tanto?
do you want to know why I admire her so much?

1) per la sua semplicità
1) for her simplicity

2) per la sua femminilità
2) for her femininity

3) la sua capacità di far sentire le persone a casa
3) for her ability to make people feel at home

4) la sua creatività
4) for her creativity

ed il modo originale ed arruffato di essere tutte queste doti insieme!
and the the original way of being all these qualities together

non la conosco di persona,

ma sono sicura che deve essere coinvolgente

I'm sure that she is an incredible girl!

come una festa. proprio come quella che sto preparando per mia figlia (vedi foto)

funny and overwhelming like the party I'm preparing

Ti ringrazio Gaia per avermi ospitato nel tuo meraviglioso paese delle meraviglie!

Thank you Gaia for having me in your wonderland



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