Hello Ladies...

I'm on a hurry! Just a quick stop to my blog to wish you a great beginning of the week!

Lots of things will happen on the next days...Don't miss them! The celebration of the winner, my first guest post (the first of a long serie ... or I hope so), a nice exchange with a blogfriend, another nice giveaway and more....

Tomorrow will end my giveaway so if you didn't enter it HURRY UP!

8 commenti:

  1. gaia ma che belle foto..
    e che dire dell'header con le fragole? approvo!
    curiosa di sentire tutte queste belle novità :)

  2. Ciao Gaia,
    grazie anche a te!!
    Bellissime queste foto!!!


    Daniela "DREAM SHABBY CHIC" Milano

  3. Your images are gorgeous Gaia, you have a good week too and I am going to go and check out your giveaway! xx

  4. Gaia, I have been so busy lately and have had so little time for my blog friends. But I turn my back for a second (it feels like) and Gaia's whole blog has gone through some major changes! Everything looks so fresh and lovely! I also truly enjoyed reading about your cabinet DIY project. What a beauty! Be proud!

    ox, Mon

  5. Look at all this flower love. Gorgeous.

  6. hope your monday was a lovely one ;-)

  7. Can't wait to see what you have in store for us!!



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