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"... a new blossom,
a new life

Tomorrow is the 1st of March. That means that in 3 weeks will be Spring and I can't wait for it anymore. My body and my soul need sunny days, blue sky and warm weather...

It has been a very long and freezing winter. This year we had lot and lot of snow, not counting the rainy days. It still seems it didn't ended yet...Yesterday we had a preview of spring but today it was bad again...

March will be a very busy month. I have to organize the move to my new apartment. I have to find all the things I need to decorate it, I have to paint and fix all the old furnitures found in years here and there . Today I've found this little desk that someone had left at the dustbin and I took it at home with me...

I've already decided the colors for my furniture:

A new knob, a new color and it will be perfect for my entrance!

Have a great week ladies! happy 1st of march to you all!


{Bright Swedish life}

Carola and her husband Nisse with their 2 children live in this beautiful house. She's the owner of an Interior design store in Malmo, you can imagine from those pics how beautiful the store has to be!

I love the white floor, it gives light and space to the rooms. I love the white-on-white color scheme of this fantastic house.

This is the Shabby style I love... Recycled material, natural fabrics, second hand furnitures and lots and lots of details... flower, pillows, candles... I can't wait to start with my home!

Now that I have to decor my new home I need to find more inspiration to define the style that I'd love to reach for my nest!
White, grey, cream and old furnitures are my starting point then everythings else will arrive consequently!

I'm so excited...can't wait to show you everything!


{Preppy Winter}

One more months and will be finally Spring... I need warm temperatures, sun, blue sky and all those beautiful spring clothes you see on store windows and on the page of the fashion magazines...

Till then, I can still talk about winter even if it will be next winter. I'm a fashion lover and I can't not talk about Milly!

Very feminine, young with The french allure! Infact, Michelle Smith label (she's the founder/designer) is influenced by her past experience on workingin France for Hermès and Dior...I love colored tights!

A girlish collection with a particular attention for details...

... clothes for all the pretty ladies of the Upper East Side of the world....

"I was really inspired by the films of Jean-Luc Godard. The women dressed in a lot of navies and reds and bold colors like that, and it seems really fresh and modern right now."(Michelle Smith)


{Living vintage}

Happy week ladies!

Today, while I was visiting some amazing vintage website I remembered the vintage store I've visited in Florence few months ago... I asked to the gentle lady that worked there if she was ok to let me shoot some pics for my blog and she said yes, unfortunately I've lost the card of the store...I don't remember the name but I know how to get back there!

Usually, Vintage store have that particular smell like mothball and old clothes closed in a wardrobe for so long... That store, instead, had nothing to do with typical old style vintage store. It was bright, everything in order and clean... Beautiful dresses, bags, bijoux...

I have a beutiful "relationship" with vintage store and flea market... Two of my fav winter coats come form one of those stores... My red coat and the yellow with white square... I had it , both, for cheap!

I love old clothes and old things... They have a soul. I like the idea that those amazing object belonged to someone else. I star to imagine their history...

Unfailing little black dress ...

Old bottons... I have a huge collection...

I love vintage . I love old things, I love to stay hour and hour poking around, hunting around to find something special... What I love the most are the coats: I'm looking for a new one... the hunt is open!!!

And you? What do you look for when in a vintage store? bags, jewels, dresses... what?


{Weekend Bake}

Rain, rain and rain! This is the meteo for the weekend! I need spring, sun, bright light, warm weather... No more grey, rain and cold! That's why I've decided to decorate my butterfly cookies with pink and white, because they remind that tomorrow will be exactly a months to Spring!

I've made this Butter cookies for breakfast tomorrow! Easy and quick to make...
You need:

1 cup of Butter;

3/4 cup of sugar;

1 egg;
1-1/2 teaspoon vanilla (you can change the flavour and use whatever you live, almond, coconut...) or grated lemon zest;

2-1/2 cups of flour;

1 pinch of salt.

Cream the butter with sugar, add the lemon zest and the egg and at the end add the flour. Let chill in fridge for at least 45 minutes.

Using a cookie cutter cut the dough and cook it for 10 minutes at 180°. Once the cookies are cool you can decorated with sugar frosting or chocolate!

(photos by me - macro lens kit Lensbaby)

Aren't they super cute? and, believe me, also so Yummy...

Have a great weekend my darling friends ! See you on Monday!

P.s.: Happy Birthday to my dearest friends Federica and Chicca... let's celebrate!


{General Store }

Thanks to Amy (her blog No 15), few weeks ago I've found this great website "I gigi"! Have you ever heard about it?

It's a general store,

a cafè,

a men's boutique,

and a woman's store,

DON'T WORRY if you can't visit them. You can purchase some items through mail order...

Thank you Amy for always share with us all your beautiful pics and secrets!


{Nice Spanish Things}

I have already introduced you to one of my fav spanish brand (here and here) and I've already told you how much I love it! In those last years Spanish fashion's brand conquested me for their freshness and timless collections. They are up-to-date with a romantic touch, very feminine but not too "corny".

Nice Things never disappoint me...

Every season the have more than one collection to satisfy all the woman. Little girls, teenagers and womans of all ages!

Simple, classy and elegant!

Colored and fresh new collections with lots and lots of accessories to embellish your wardrobe...

Flowers, roses, dots, nice pale colors for the romantic (but strong) girls!

Red, white and blu ... perfect for a classic style without give up to some frills!

You can download the catalogue to read about and to see more pics of the new collection!

Trust me if I'm telling you that even the price of those clothes is perfect... Unfortunately I don't know where to buy it in Italy and they don't have an e-shop !!! This is the only defect Nice Things has!


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