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Thanks to Amy (her blog No 15), few weeks ago I've found this great website "I gigi"! Have you ever heard about it?

It's a general store,

a cafè,

a men's boutique,

and a woman's store,

DON'T WORRY if you can't visit them. You can purchase some items through mail order...

Thank you Amy for always share with us all your beautiful pics and secrets!

5 commenti:

  1. Gaia dear!!
    Im sorry Ive neglected your blog, if you had my universali history teacher you would understand!
    I love cafes! I have a cup with a parisian cafe illustration and I love it sooooooo much, it reminds me of your blog...
    ps: Ive missed you too :D

  2. eheeheh, anche io ho una parte di armadio con le valigie vintage...guarda qui bellissimo sito, grazie già linkato tra i miei preferiti!!

  3. Thanks for you visit today. You have a beautiful blog! I will check out out this blog.


  4. Thank you so much for the sweet mention! You always know how to make my day!

    Hopefully one day I can visit the store in person.

  5. Looks amazing, I'll have to check it out!x



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