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Bonjour et une bonne nouvelle semaine...

I've always dreamt to visit the North of France and finally this summer we decided to do it.'s the coastal regions of north west France. It's a particular place and ther's lot of things and place to see. Little villages, long beaches, white cliffs

We left Rennes in a sunny day... 

... and we started our trip in St Malo, then Mont Saint Michel the most visited historic site in France outside Paris and many other places... 2.500 km through France, Belgium and Holland!

During the day we visited the coast and late in the afternoon we drove to the hinterland to find a place where to stay. Uncommon and unforgettable places, catsles, old mansions, charming B&B, but also the worst hostels ever. I'll write some posts about it!

St Malo, a little village on the coast famous because it was the capital of the corsaires

The coast is something I've never seen in my entire life. Beautiful and fascinating. Scaring, left us breathless...

The high/low tide play a big role for the life in Normandy. Everything depend on the tide. The moon has the entire control on that.  It was the first time for me and I was very surprised to see how magical could be the landscape.  
A lunar landscape...


The weather played up... Rain, big clouds, and then the sun.  

Me and Mr B 
in one of the pit-stop!

See you tomorrow!

20 commenti:

  1. Foto impareggiabili..e che posti meravigliosi.....
    ...l'ultima foto: un'amore! sei raggiante e bellissima!
    Un bacio
    Giulia s.

  2. Ed io Sabato sera le ho viste tutte! :) Che posti! Davvero belli!

  3. che bella coppia, siete bellissimi e molto innamoratai. Non conosco la Normandia e neanche la Bretagna, vedendo le foto incomincio mentalmente a prepararmi una vacanza cosí. bacioni e buona settimana

  4. Thank you for sharing some of your wonderful pics from your trip!

    ~ Clare x

  5. che invidia! sono anni che sogno di andare in normandia! adesso faccio vedere le tue stupende foto a mio marito visto che è lui quello che non si fa convincere..
    grazie per averle pubblicate e buona settimana!

  6. Ho dei ricordi speciali del mio viaggio in Bretagna e Normandia..grazie di avermeli ricordati!!

  7. bellissime foto!!!io parto sabato..destinazione proprio li!!ciao

  8. che posti meravigliosi!
    e che belli che siete vi due!<3

  9. che posti meravigliosi!
    e che belli che siete vi due!<3

  10. Grazie perche' mi fai scoprire sempre cose bellissime! Le foto sono superbe e i posti incantevoli. Bravissima!!

  11. Due cuori così belli e innamorati non potevano non percorrere sentieri così suggestivi ed emozionanti. Gran bella vacanza Gaia! <3

  12. ...bellissimi posti e...foto meravigliose!

  13. bravissima gaia... la prossima volta posso partire con voi!?

  14. i would love to see those things my self someday...but your pictures are so beautiful! that grotto...the architecture on the buildings - the serenity of the sea....lovely!!

    that picture of you two is great!!!!

  15. SO amazing. That coastline is unreal! Never seen anything like it!

  16. Beautiful pictures fro a great trip and a lovely couple..........lovely week Ria....

  17. You are wakening wonderful memories for me - it is a magical place. Enjoy your holiday!

  18. Hello Gaia,
    What a wonderful trip it must have been! Gorgeous pictures!! I get all excited now, I'm planning a short trip to Normandie myself. So you gave me some inspiration!!
    Have a lovely day & thanks for sharing you always stunning pictures with us!!
    Bisous from Versailles, Chantal

  19. foto bellissime ed vede che oltre che macchina dietro c'e' un cuore....bravissima

  20. Just gorgeous! I need to go back to France!



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