{Guest Post: Erin}

I'm back with my weekly Guest post rendez vous"

Thrilled and honoured
Today, my guest is an inspiration for me...

I love her blog
I love her works
I'd love to do her job
I'd love to have her talent
I'd love to ...

She's "... a props and events stylist"
does exist a better job?

Erin is a great girl...
and I'm so happy she accepted to be here today!


Hello! I am Erin from Dandelion & Grey and I am so thrilled to be here today! The lovely Gaia is SO inspiring & I want to thank her for asking me to Guest Post!

I am from Los Angeles & blog about my projects as a prop and event stylist!

Today I was inspired by Sweet Treats! I love thinking outside the box when it comes to dessert for an event. Mini pies, casual homemade cakes, chocolate chip cookies and cupcakes all serve as a fun alternative to a fussy wedding cake! Paired with beautiful photography you can't go wrong!

I hope you are inspired, too! 
image credits

chocolate raspberry cake - what katie ate
mini pie- country living
carrot cupcakes - honey & jam
chocolate chip cookies- honey & jam
white cake - honey & jam
cupcakes- kate headley
white cake w/flower- eat, drink, chic
whoppie pies- tina crespo
simple white cake- tina crespo

 I'm inspired from...
my friends
my family
a flower
a pattern


and you?

Thank you Erin for helped me today!

Thanks a lot for your comment on my "wedding" post
thanks for being part of my happiness..

don't miss the next one
More has still to come!

10 commenti:

  1. Hi Gaia,
    what a wonderful guest post! I have to follow your link!
    Have a great day,

  2. ciao carissima...
    finalmente riesco di nuovo a dedicarmi un pò al blog!
    Spero di vederti presto
    Baci baci

  3. Wow Gaia!!Erin qui da te!!!

    I love her!!!her style, her blog, her job!!!<3

  4. Erin always come up with the best inspirations! This guest post is just literally sweet!

  5. Wow love it! The photo's are just awesome!

  6. I'm so glad Erin led me to you! Beautiful blog.

  7. Ooooh yummy! HOw delish and pretty this all looks!

  8. Thrilled to find your blog. It's just charming. And of course, delicious. Woot!

  9. Beautiful and yummy, I am sure! We had cake today at work for someone's was delish! ;)



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