{Summer Guest Post: Federica }

Hello dear readers, I am Federica from Sweet as a Candy and today I am stand-in for Gaia.
It's the second time that I post on Gaia's blog, and I am always really excited about that.
The first time I showed you some of the things I love, today I'd like to show you something more...I told you that I love interior design, decors, and many other things but one of those is photography. 
While I'm not a professional photographer (but I am working hard to improve myself and do my best to become a professional one), I absolutely love to take pictures.
I carry my camera, a Canon 550D, with me EVERYWHERE, and I am generally one of the "official" picture takers at most any event I go to :) (with my friend Gaia as well).

I love taking portraits and to show how that person touch me and I try to make others be touched by the same feelings.
 The point of a portrait is to reveal something about the subject. That's why I usually prefer  the old rule: less is more. The face usually says it all.

The wonderful girls in these pictures are Micaela and Gaia, my two best friends ever. With my camera I tried to capture their beauty, their sweetness, and my love for them.
They are full of personality and I love them.  Thanks girls for being such a cooperative subjects for my photos!
 I thoroughly enjoy photographing children and have opportunity to do quite a bit of it lately. It's really funny but really hard as well...except with these two little ladies, they are born to be a model. They love to pose :)

Why I love photography?
Photography can be the most satisfying and restorative activity I've ever experienced. 
When I'm using a camera I feel no fear or shame.
It's a way for me to express something about myself....
Who I am and how I feel will change over time, but a photograph is a moment captured, both in the life of the subject and the life of the photographer.
And because it would be a shame to leave all these beauties in a corner!
If you like to see more and follow me, you can find me over at

9 commenti:

  1. Nice post !! mu sweet Federica......happy holliday time.....enjoy !!! hugs and love from me.....Ria.....

  2. che bello ritrovare questo scambio questa mattina!
    Che belle foto... fede, forse la fotografia è quello che davvero ti esprime di più: quello che tira fuori ciò che non è sempre facile far uscire... complimenti per come siete e per quello che fate!!

  3. Ciao Gaia,
    magnifico questo Summer Guest Post!!!
    Buon Ferragosto <3!!!
    un bacione <3

  4. Ma che bello essere qui oggi :)
    Un bavio grande patata...

  5. Hi, I just found your blog via A Diary of Lovely and love it!! :)

  6. Ciao Gaia e Federica,
    che meraviglioso post! non solo le fotografie, ma le parole così intime e ricche di sentimento, siete veramente due ragazze speciali! buona settimana!

  7. siete scambio di guest post...ed io il commento dove lo lascio? Beh per non fare torto a nessuna delle due da entrambe :-)
    Complimenti a tutt'e due, vi conosco solo via blog ma sono sicura di non sbagliare...due donne deliziose, sensibili e che tutte vorrebbero per amiche...un abbraccio!

  8. I loved this inspiring post.
    I think blogging and photography are made for each other. Once you become a blogger it's seems natural to want to know more about photography.

  9. Ma io questo post me lo ero persa...sono proprio fuori! ;)

    Che belle foto, tutti bellissimi ricordi!


    P.S. Ma chi è quella ragazza ricciola nelle prime foto? Sembra proprio antipatica! ;)



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