{Summer Guest Post: Cata }

Good morning dearest readers of Gaia’s blog my name is Catalina  Alvarez(Cata’s blog) and it has been a little while since the lovely Gaia invited me to be a guest here.
Today I would like to introduce an special place: The society inc. A place plenty of gorgeous details and great photography.
specialising in local and global textiles, furniture, homewares and beautiful things.
Set up by long time interior stylist Sibella Court in an 1800s corner shop in Paddington, its contents and interior will change 4 times a year, each time a new 'theme' will transport the visitor to different societies. The first is The Indigo Blues Society followed by TravellersandMagicians. Each theme will be accompanied by seasonal paint colours designed by Sibella for Murobond Paints.
Hope you like what you see!
the society inc
the society inc-tools the society inc - photography
  the society inc- inspiration the society inc-paper inspiration corona-Scrivere Thank you Gaia most kindly for inviting me to share our Society inc.
I hope your Frenchcation is going faboulous and I am wishing all of you a ‘creative perfect’ day
A little collage for you:  my dear Gaia :)
Details - Gaia Borsicch

6 commenti:

  1. Oh, what a wonderful blog! Thank you for the link!
    Have a great day,
    Hugs, Yvonne

  2. Hi Cata (and hi Gaia!),as you already know, I follow your blog and I'm very glad to find you here! Gaia's blog is a wonderful and genial place! My congratuliations for this post and for the useful link!
    Hope you to come and visit me!

  3. so nice to see you here Cata, beautiful post!

  4. Lovely blog! thanks for sharing.

    Big kiss and a lovely day!

  5. Ahhhh che foto fantastiche!

    Ciao carissima, ma quando torni dalle ferie? Io sono già al lavoro da lunedì, ma non ho ancora voglia di accendereil computer a casa...aiutooooo! :)




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