{The Perfection}

When I decide to become a blogger the first problem I met it was to find a name for my Blog that express completely my personality, my desires and dreams.
I choose Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (difficult name to remember easily) because, as Alice, I like to discover, I'm curious, I like beautyness...I'm feeling entirely as her...
I decided to write about whatever I like without thinking to please everybody.

However, there are some things and persons that it's impossible not to fell in love with at first sight. One of that is Kate Towers and her collections. She makes wonderful dresses, the ones I dream of.

it was too difficult to choose just one or two pictures...

2 commenti:

  1. I KNOW!!! Is she not amazingly talented. I love the pairing of the white skirt with the gray blazer.

  2. Yes...her dresses are fantastic, magic!!!



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