{ Orla Kiely }

Happy MOnday!

2 weeks and it will be Spring....


Orla Kiely it's always perfect! Charming, feminine, for a nice girl but with personality!

I love the entire collection with a retro touch and a preppy style!

I love the palette favorites!
Blue, white, mustard, green, cream and brown!

I have a thing, you know, for dresses, and those are so pretty but I think I'll have to be content with the images...

I always wait for new season because I like to browse through my favorites brands' collections to see what is new!

They always satisfy my expectations!

Who's next?

  I wish I could show you some of the pics I took yesterday and I wish I could tell you more...
be patient! you won't regret it!

How was your weekend!

See you tomorrow!!!

12 commenti:

  1. Oh what a talent!

    I love the mustard and the cream & black collections most, but they all have a certain style that really appeals.

    Here's to a great week ahead, perhaps I'll even pop on a 'frock' today.

    xx Felicity

  2. mmmm, fammi pensare... io scelgo il cappottino mostarda e la giacchina verde dell'ultimo collage!non c'è un Babbo Natale versione Primavera?!?

  3. Thanks for introducing me to this label, Gaia. I'd never heard of them before. Wonderful!

    ~ Clare x

  4. Looove their fashion line- I believe they have notebooks as well? Have a great week!

  5. Oh wow. Gorgeous. Thanks for the introduction. I think I am a huge fan xox

  6. Ma non ci credo! Ho fatto un post su Orla Kiely anche io un'ora fa! :)
    Sono stata nel suo negozio a Londra la settimana scorsa: favoloso!

  7. Domanda stupida, ma perchè non ho le gambe come quella modella? Va bè passiamo oltre. Quest'anno mi sono innamorata del colore giallo, quindi avanti tutta a questo colore! :)

    Quanto manca ancora a sabato? Uff che voglia di vederti! Bacio bacio.

  8. ....e noi aspettiamo!!! quest'anno si usa quel color mostarda che è favoloso, sarà il mio colore...

  9. I have mad mad love for Orla. Especially her handbags and kitchen accessories :)

  10. Cariniii!! Ma quanto mi piace il verde??? Ahhhh....primavera assolutamente nell'aria (anche se il meteo stenta a collaborare!).
    Ti abbraccio, Gaia!

  11. I love all the dresses. They all look so spring like. I can't wait for warmer weather! Thanks for showing me a new brand. Hope you are well! xoxoamy



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