{Guest Post: Ria}

GoodFreezing Morning,

Blogging is amazing because you get in touch with people from all over the world.
My guest today is Ria from Holland.

She's a great girl and since I've discovered that she has a flower shop 
she became my idol!
I've always dreamt to have my own flower shop...actually it's one of my dream!

Go to say Hi  & take a look to her blog


Hello i am Ria from the blog It's me from Holland............     
My dear blogging friend Gaia ask me to guest post for you on her lovely here we go.......... 

I blog for almost a year now....we have a flower shop in Maarssen, together with my husband, we live in an appartement and have two lovely dogs...........

Here some pictures from our shop........we selling flowers,plants,and all sorts of flowerarrangements and also have a great assortiment of lovely things for decorating your home..we are  also dealer from The Jeanne d'Arc Living............we also have a webshop sell our stuff worldwide so come and take a look !! you are welcome........

And here are our two girls Iris the blond one and Trevor the brown one ......( picture 5 and 6 )...

They are such a cute dogs.......Iris is almost 11 years and Trevor is 6 years old.....

My husband hobby is old cars....they call it Karmann is designed in your country Italy by Ghia.......

...we make many rides with that is so nice to do that.........

My hobby is collecting tableware....from Pastel Regout it was a Dutch designer in the is a very nice hobby we search all sorts flea markets to find something new.........

When you are curious about the rest of my life .................please come and join my blog !! you are more than welcome......and when you do that......,and you will follow me and let a comment left  on my blog you can also win a little know little angel wings from Jeanne d; Arc living........

So that is Its Me.................i wanne thank you Gaia for inviting me to guest very nice of you..............

Have all a happy day and enjoy life !! warm hugs from me Ria........

19 commenti:

  1. Ohhh....Ria will soon be famous all over the world!! So nice to read more about her!

    Have a nice day! Warm regards, Ingrid

  2. Look at that !!! so nice to see this.....!! it is so nice that you invited me here.......happy day Ria....

  3. Ria really is a true angel, nice to ride all this here,
    warm regards, Sonja

  4. Oh ride is read, i think, don't now, hope you understand my realy bad englisch ;)

  5. Thnkas Gaia to introduce us Ria :)

    I love her dogs, her shop and her beautifull collection!


  6. so glad to find you here ria!

  7. Hi!
    I also be an fan of Ria. True her site I found yous, so you also be famous in Holland!

  8. Ria you are coming famous here!!!
    Very nice post!!!

  9. cuteshop and lovely dogs!!

  10. Ria has a shop and a fantastic taste unbeatable! E 'was great to find you today!

    A kiss to both of you!

  11. Hi Ria
    nice to see you here, I visit this blog sometimes(never leave a comment though)
    You were already famous in holland and now in europe also...and who nows when you conquer the world?

  12. hahahahahah Gaia, you picked Hollands most popular blogger!!! Ria is everywhere!!!!:)....and she is always surprised when she gets lots of comments;)).....I met Ria twice now, and in about a week and a half the third time will take place...she is SO funny!! And her hubby....he's also so kind....funny to see her over here...all the way in Italy:D


  13. I loved the pastel colors tableware! I will check her blog as well!
    Thanks for sharing a new friend with us!

  14. This is so nice to see, Ria on your blog. Ria has a beautiful blog and I like it to read her post.
    Thank you, Gaia!!

    I send you warm greatings from Holland ☼

  15. I've always thought it would be the coolest thing to have a flower shop. What a great job! Also, Gaia, I gave you the Stylish Blogger award. I'm not sure if you've already received this, but you definitely deserve it.


  16. Beautiful blog you have Gaia and hello Ria!!!!!

  17. Hello Gaia,
    so nice to see Ria in Italy, I love her blog and she is a very sweet person.
    Greetings from the Netherlands, Ingrid.



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