{Etsy favourite store of the week: Bird&Banner}

I'm thinking to start an "Etsy favourite store of the week" serie, to post weekly on my blog...This is one of the things I've put on my " to do list" that I've already done but still not shared with you! Sorry!
This is my first good intentions that I'll try to keep and I need your help too!

So...the purpose is to share, with all of you, my favourite Etsy store and to help all the etsy sellers to become more popular and let them to talk about their Kretaivity and what they love, etc...

For the opening of that serie I've chosen "Bird & Banner".

Bird and Banner create custom invitations for weddings, births and any other special event that needs to, and should be announced. They have an amazing web site where you can see all their projects and a really inspiring Blog

What I like the most is the printed vintage handkerchief. I think it's a fantastic idea to print a message on a vintage foulard and give it as a gift to the person you love, a friend, your mom, your granny...

An English proverb say: "a joy that's shared , is a joy made double".... They decided to printed it in this handkerchief.

A simple quote like "Home sweet Home"

You can contact the founders, Erin and Nicole, for all your stationary needs:
  • Save-the-dates
  • Invitations
  • Address labels or calligraphy for outer envelopes
  • Events guide for guests
  • Maps
  • Programs
  • Menus
  • Escort cards & Place cards
  • Table Numbers
  • Favor tags
  • Cocktail napkins
  • Rehearsal Dinner invitations
  • and the important personalized thank you notes
With their experience, they will elaborate your ideas and they will make unique stationery for you.

It was love at first sight...I know you will fell in love too with Bird & Banner

So what do you think about it?
Do you have an Etsy store? Do you want to be in the next "episode" of the serie I've just started?
Send me an email, tell me something about you and your store, about why, when, how did you decide to open a store and what do you sell. Don't forget to add your etsy's web address.
I'll try to post all of your stores!

I can't wait to start this new project and to receive your emails! I'm trying to add an "email button" on my blogrooll... It's complicated! At the moment you can write me here:

Who will be the next one?


{Long weekend in Pictures}

It's Sunday evening and I'm back at my pc. Right in time for a new post about the last days...

Last thursday I decided to go back to Tuscany to spend few days with my family and to enjoy the last days of sunny and hot weather. I love beach in September. No crowds, no screaming children all over, the sea water was clean and freezing.

To me Tuscany is like heaven, it's my medicine when I feel sad and blue and when I have some worries I look at the sea and I feel calm and quite... It has the power to change my mood in a very short period, it's therapeutic...
Don't you think?

I need the sun and the sea as the air to breathe!
I read my book ( I've almost finished the last book of the Twilight series, I adored all of them and I can't wait to see the next episode "New Moon"), I listened my favourite music and renewed my tan...

I come back to Bologna on Saturday afternoon because I had a dinner chez Federica. She did an housewarming dinner with all of our friends. Before, me and Mr B., we went for a walk and we had an aperitif just the two of us. He wasn't with me in Tuscany and I missed him too much!

Federica and Giacomo (federica's boyfriend) did an awesome job on how they decorated their little love nest! I know that most of you know her and her blog and you know what I'm talking about. It's very very pretty and delicate. The main features of the house are : soft colors and a particular attention to details, a romantic touch with a french inspiration, warm and bright. It's cosy and welcoming. I really like it!!!

They set the table and put candles everywhere. The dinner was great as well as the chats with my friends. We had a very nice

The were also the boyfriends... they are just not in the pics! Thanks Patata! (it's how I call her Potato!)

Then , today we went to visit Mr B.'s relatives for lunch. It was his granny's birthday. They live in the country where I had the chance to see magic transformation of fall. Beautiful colors and still warm and sunny! It's like what people call Indian summer...

We spent the afternoon at a vintage faire where, unfortunately, I couldn't take any pics, and we ended the weekend with this fantastic sunset!

... and that's all for today!

Before to go I have to thank you for your comments and emails! Thank you ladies...I'll be back with answers and commenst to your blogs really soon...Be patient!

A particular "Thanks" to Elle for the awards she gave me...

Thanks so much Ellen for your kind words....

Here are the Rules:
1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award.
2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
3. Link to the person who nominated you for this award.
4. Name 7 things about yourself that people may not know.
5. Nominate 7 Kreativ Bloggers.
6. Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate.
7. Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know they've been nominated

7 things you don't know....
1)I hate to drive
2) I don't like orange colors
3) I don't like 80's Fashion
4) I'd like to live abroad, NYC it will be the best!
5) I'd like to write a book
6) I'd like to organize weddings from A to Z
7) I like to laugh

I decided to give the award to some of my recent discoveries... Pixel wild child, Modern Prairie Girl, the Bottom of the Ironing basket, Lanalou, Beauty Comma, La Marquise des Anges, ...sending postcards

That's all...Kiss&Goodnight!

p.s.: what have you done?


{Nice Things}

In the last few years Spain become very important in the fashion industry. Everybody knows Zara and Mango and the other famous brands Hoss (absolutely my favorite ) and many many others.

I love fashione and I always look for new brands, unique clothes, less commercial, but nice and (if possible) even less expensive with a romantic and feminine touch, that reflects exactly my style and I'm sure your style too!

Lately, when I was in Ibiza (you can see it here) I "discovered" a new spanish brand: Nice Things. I adored the summer collection and now I'm in love with fall/winter collection.

Take a look yourself too....

The collection follows 4 main themes:

Eco Friendly...

Folk... bright colors and "funny" clothes...

Wool spirit... warm and soft....

Queen line... for all the queens and princess...

For the complete catalogue check on the web site

I've already decided what to put on my wish list and which is the style I like the most...
What about you?

Have a fantastic wednesday!


{Shining home}

Good morning Ladies! Today is the first day of Fall...
Here, where I live, is a very bad day! You look outside the windows and you see grey, black clouds, and the temperature is getting down and down!
I don't know what is good with Fall...I'm a spring/summer girl, but I love to wear boots and dresse, little coat and ballerinas!
Fall is the perfect time to prepare a "things to do" list from now till next summer or for a shorter period too... I'll think about it and I'll post my list...

What I need the most today, grey monday and first day of fall, is more light and bright as you see in this gorgeous house!

The British style mix antiques and vintage with new furnitures and details. I love the chandelier with crystal pendandt. It's unusual for a kitchen but the contrast creates a stunning result!!

The white is the perfect color to furnish an house. It gives you the opportunity to play with fabrics, flowers, stripes and colors.

Isn't it beautiful the wallpaper? The pattern reminds me to the 50's.

The pale color palette accentuate the brightness of the room.

The big windows let the light get in...

I love this house!
Have a terrific beginning of week ladies!


{Let's Toast}

20.000 thank you.....

To celebrate this goal I wanna take you in this beautiful place...

Les Sources de Caudalie a Bordeaux-Martillac en France, an hotel de charme and Vinothérapie Spa the perfect place to take a break lost in good wine...

So ladies, prepare your bags and live with me for a full immersione of relax and quite far away from the city ready to try all the beautiful treatments to relax and recharge your batteries. Don't forget to put in your bag nice warm sweather, comfortable dresses and flats. We will spend the days knowing each other, talking and drinking a good glass of french wine and tasting a vast choice of french cheeses and many different variety of bread.

those will be your rooms...

All the rooms, nice and cosy with a particular attention to the details, are different one from each other. They have in common the typical french style made of flowers fabrics, shabby furniture and pale palette colors.

Ah... don't forget your swim suit for a jump on the swimming pool and for the beauty treatments at the Caudalie Vinotherapie spa.

and an elegant dress for our unforgettable dinner!

What do you think? Are you in?

Thank you for being always so nice with your comment and for stopping by. I hope to celebrate my next goal toghether with you and with many other of you that are out there. Don't be shy...introduce yoursel, tell me about you and your world. I'd like to know you better and meet new friends.

Thanks ladies!


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