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Summer is just finished and I'm already thinking where to go next time...

Locanda Villa Toscana is the place where I'd like to escape after a long week in the city. I discovered this enchanted Bed & Breakfast thanks to Casa Chic, my fav interior design magazine, that dedicated a long fascinating story, "Emotion to live", on the October issue. The owner is Mriquita Papi, interior designer owner of the interior company "Villa Toscana".

Locanda Villa Toscana is in the little village of Bibbona, retired on a hill in Tuscany, not far from the sea and immersed among wonderful olive trees and vineyards.

Locanda Villa Toscana is an old old village house, a place where everybody can feel at home thanks to the simplicity and the elegance of the furnishings, the relaxing atmosphere and the hospitality of the owner.
The color palette of the furnitures and the walls, the suffused light and the refined taste of the fabrics are the soul of this nest where you can take refuge...

All the fornitures and the ornamental goods are "A tribute to imperfection that turns into exclusiveness" as they say. The style is a mix from Tuscany traditions and Provence

Shabby chic furnitures and Toile de Jouy are all over the house. All the rooms haven't a defined style but they have in common an armony and an elegance...

All the fornitures and the ornamental goods are "A tribute to imperfection that turns into exclusiveness" as they say. The style is a mix from Tuscany traditions ( the floor and the plaster) and Provence traditions too.

What's wrong with me? Summer finished and I wanna leave again and soon!

How are you ladies? How was your monday? Mine was rain, rain and still rain and freezing! In one week will be Autumn that means that I'll have to wait 9 months before to wear again sandals and swim-suits! I love fall, I know it has something fascinating but when you get used to hot and sunny days it's difficult to get back to grey and rainy days!

And for the happy ending we had earth tremor ....

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  1. these are lovely! I love the neutral colors, so clean.

    yup! rainy here too....but its clearing up :)

    Happy Monday!

  2. I think I could stay there forever.
    Have a wonderful (hopefully less rainy) week! :)

  3. Thankyou for your inspiring comments.....what a wonderful place to stay, wonderful atmosphere and colours Bx

  4. Questo commento è stato eliminato dall'autore.

  5. Thank you for your inspiring comments....what a wonderful place to stay....atmosphere and colours! Bx

  6. Lovely! E' questo il posto di cui mi parlavi?

  7. oh I want to go away, too... I have terrible headache and am so tired...
    have a lovely day,

  8. How gorgeous. I love the impeccable attention to detail. I want to go!

  9. Bellissime fote Gaia!

    Thanks for sharing!

  10. What a beautiful place...I could happily visit there too, xv.

  11. This is the yummiest place I've seen in blogland in awhile. Simply stunning. Thank you for taking me there, if only for a few minutes.

    btw--my DCB (Damn Cool Boots) are the only reason I will allow colder weather to arrive in my world. :)

  12. this looks so lovely - i want to stay there!

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