{Getting a Tattoo}

Today was the day! Mr B. had an appointment to get his new tatto. It wasn't the first one. He has a lot of tattos everywhere, arms, chest, leg... He decided that it was time for a new one.

We went to Pepe & Zuno Tattoos store and he decided to made a Gipsy in a perfect American Old Style. He found the image he wanted and he brang it to Pepe.

First the tattooer made the stencil...

then he began to draw...

It tooks almost 2 hours with some breaks in the meanwhile, just the time for Mr B. to take a breath and a bear for Pepe...

works in progress...
some blush and eye liner...

red lipstick...

et voilà...

How beautiful is it? I really love it, the eyes, the writing...

Then I decided to ask for an appointment to get a tattoo. Pepe said that if I wanted I could do it right away...a bit of hesitation, I thought about it for a minute then I said "yes". For me neither wasn't the first one. This is my fifth.

I went for an english style Swallow (the second one, I have it already on my right foot)...
he didn't used a stencyyl. He drawn it with a pen directly on my left wrist.

Terrific pain!

and that's the result.

Do you have any tattos?

good night ladies!

24 commenti:

  1. Aw, the two of you are too cute! Your tattoos look great. I don't have any, I'm too afraid of the pain.

  2. So cool! I really want a tat but I have no idea what it should be. It would definitely have to be my own drawing. But of what? No clue!

  3. Both tattoos look great! You are so much braver than me. I want a circular cherry blossom tree but I'm afraid it will hurt too much.

  4. You are totally rockin' that tattoo! Both of you are extremely cute together with all your body art!

  5. oh you two are so cute :)
    I like tattoos, but they are not for me :)
    have a lovely day, xoxo

  6. Good on you.. looks beautiful!

  7. Nope, no tattoos here...but yours turned out nice.

  8. I love the graphics style of your swallow. Did you know sailors used to get them when they had crossed over 5000miles at sea because they are good luck and mean you will always find your way home.
    (However, years ago in Britain if you have one on your hand - not wrist like you - it means you have done time in jail or that you are good at fighting.)

  9. No tattoos fore me..I'm too oldfashioned ?...Actually I hate the thought of a tottoo on my own body. The pictures can be nice, yes..but I don't understand the idea of tatoos..please forgive me for my honest answer!! Have a great day Love//Eva

  10. You too are so cute! Love your tattoo! x

  11. Wow, that tattoo artist has done fabulous jobs with you both!!! I love the swallow!! You're a much braver girl than me!!

    No tattoos on me or my Mr B either... We love them on others though (well, when they look like yours we do! Amy Winehouse not so much, haha!)

    Saskia x

    PS U2 concert was INCREDIBLE!! LOVED IT!

  12. You are braver than I am. Love your tat! You need to post pictures of the others.

  13. I really like your tattoo!!
    I´m not sure that I would ever get one, though... and my sister told me that she kill me would if I get one of a little rose ;)

  14. HI there!

    I've been working like a dog. Gotta love the American life where your last vacation was June 2008! How sad is that? But, I hope to go to Copenhagen, Berlin, and Amsterdam in October for a week and a half. It's way overdo but at least it's getting away! What's new with you? How's that tatoo?

    oh, and yes, the little girl is me!

  15. No tattoos for me but you're really brave to have gotten one on your wrist! That seems so scary to me!

  16. Oh wow - both tattoos are so lovely. I never thought I would use the word "lovely" to describe a tattoo, but these truly personify that word.

  17. aww you two are just SO CUTE!! I love it! These are great tattoos :) Love the colors :) Happy Thursday lovely lady!

  18. Oh you are so brave, I'd chicken out cause of the pain. I really like Mr B's and your's!

    Thanks so much for cool comment, really liked it.

  19. i love yours! and his! but yours is so cute, and kuddos to you for being so brave. i heard that place hurt bad! :)

  20. Hi,
    The tattoos are beautiful! Yes, I have 4 tattoos. I got them 18 years ago and still love them!

    I JUST put up a New post! Come by for a visit and say hi if you get a chance,

  21. Bravo & brava for enduring the pain for ink art!!!!
    I wish I was not a huge chicken & baby when it comes to pain. I have a friend who owns a tattoo parlor & so I've seen men cry like babies.
    Perhaps one day I'll suck it up & go for it!!!

  22. Oh my first thought when you said it would go on your wrist was...PAIN. That is such a sensitive spot.

    No I do not have a tattoo but my husband has one on his ankle, another sensitive place, and I'll just admire it from afar.

    My best,

  23. I love it! I love both of these tattoos. That guy was pretty good.

    I do have a tattoo. One I got on a whim in says "Lord" in Greek. I got it after taking a biblical Greek class.

  24. oh great! i like this little story :) Mr B's one was really beautiful and yours so cute! love it! please post the one on your foot? i like swallows across the top of peoples feet. i have a big cherry tree on my back with stuff i love carved into the trunk. three stars for my brother and sister on my inner ankle and the word family written on my wrist. i am going to get a feather twisting in the find along my hairline and the back of my neck too and some words on my arm soon, so exciting :)



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