This is our kitchen... my mom made it. Yes , she's just a genius. With her hands and fantasy she can do and transform everything. She paintd the fabric and realise this amazing kitchen in a country/shabby style.

The romantic touch is made thanks to the old-vintage details as my Grandma's old pots that we attached on the wall, bright colors...

To me is just perfect! What do you think? It can be so easy and not expensive at all to "build" our own kitchen!

6 commenti:

  1. I should say "Wonderwoman Mom" ... I have already my own interior design for my next home...

  2. I love rustic looking vintage type kitchenware and tableware. If done right, they can create an exquisite and inexpensive kitchen!!!

  3. I'm deeply in love with your kitchen! I'm wowed!
    Congratulations to your "Wonder Mum"!



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