{It's time ...}

Home Sweet Home... finally!

Tomorrow it will be the first day in my new house. I won't sleep there till the weekend or at least next week when I'll move defenitely...

Till then I have too many things to do...tomorrow I'll go clean carefully everything, then I'll wait for the carrier that has to deliver all the appliances and then all the furnitures and all the hundreds and hundreds of packs! I'M SCARED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN'T BREATHHHH!!!!

I'm kidding, obviously! I'm so happy! It will be magic and fabulous! I know everything will be fine!

Do you remember her? Maybe I didn't introduce her to you!

It was a Saturday, two weeks ago! She was all alone in the streets near the garbage can, leaning against a three. We met in the morning, I was in the car with Mr B... As soon as we saw her we decided to take her home with us. She made a big smile, and it was immediately love!

I made her a new dress. She deserve it. Do you remember when , in Dirty Dancing Patrick said " Nobody puts baby in a corner!"? Well, I did the same! I don't think it's fair to use things and then throw them away without even trying to fix them!

It was simple, easy and fast! I've cleaned her with a wet cloth and then with acetone to take off all the traces of glue and grease.

Before to use water paint ( not acrylic!) I've used a white primer paint. Preparation is fundamental. The right choice of primer or undercoat is key to achieving the best results. I've let it dry for 4 hours and then I've chosen a white/grey to paint the chair, let her dry for 4 hours and then painted again.

I've made my own stencil mask to decorate it. A laurel crown and a crown with our initial "B"

I'm really satisfied with the result and I'm proud for what I've done. I'm sorry if I'm bothering you but, please, forgive me... I can't stop smiling!

What do you think of my new "friend"?

Wish me luck my dear friend! My new life begin tomorrow...

{Back from Sweden with love}

White, grey, brightness... Those are the first 3 things that come immediately to my mind when it's about interiors and homes in Sweden and in general in North Europe.

Large windows all around allow the light to inundate the house.

They know how to perfectly decor all the rooms. They don't fill every corner. They don't overwhelm the spaces with furnitures. They let breath the walls, not covered entirely with painting (that is more a french or english characteristic!) .

The white floor is something that make me crazy! Large wood board in a vintage/shabby style it's my favorite ever!

I think they are great in details, they give strong personality to the house using amazing details. Can you see the swing hanging in the middle of the living room? Isn't it funny?

Ok , they can do it because they have big rooms but I think they would do their best even in a tiny studio!

Wouldn't be great to spend the weekend doing nothing but reading, have dinner with friends in a cozy place like this?

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{Easter Giveaway}

Less then a week and it will be Easter! Chocolate Eggs, family reunion, cakes, food, calories, walks, beach, riding bikes... This is what Easter will be for many of you and I want to celebrate it with my next giveaway!

I'm thrilled to introduce to you the protagonists of my next giveaway.

My guests for this week giveaway are the lovely Christina and Courtney the talented owner of "White Owl", an amazing Etsy Store about vintage, lace, jewels and memories!

They describe them self as "... two sisters who love vintage and appreciate handmade things. We have collaborated on everything from films to photographs to art and jewelry. Many of our materials are rescued from estate sales, flea markets and even our own Grandmother! It is important to us to try to use repurposed materials as much as we can but we also love the mix of old and new"

I feel that we have so much in common and I'm so happy that they have accepted to answer to some question.

Enjoy the reading

Tell us a bit more about you, describe yourself and then describe your sister?

I'm Christina and I have a degree in Fine Art and I used to work professionally as a photographer. I love old things, so I love estate sales and fleamarkets. My sister Courtney is one of the cutest, smartest and funniest people I know and I love hanging around with her!

My name is Courtney and I am a professor at a local university where I teach film and Audio production. My degree is in film and I love making short films, biking and baking (especially cupcakes!). I would describe my sister Christina as very creative, and the kind of person who knows a little about how to do lots of things! We have a great time hanging out and we love to collaborate on creative projects.

How and when did you start to create jewels? Why do you use lace to create them?

We have been making our own jewelry and customizing our things for years, but a couple of years ago we decided to do some craft shows and we saw that people really liked our stuff, so we decided to put our jewelry on Etsy for everyone to enjoy! We started doing lace because we thought it would be an interesting idea and we had a large amount of lace and crochet work from our grandmother who was also very crafty. We don't only do lace of course- we love making new things out of old chains and brooches and ribbons too. It seems like the lace has caught on quite well though.

You live in Detroit, ther's any other place where you'd love to live?

Christina - I'd love to live in France or Ireland. They are both beautiful, picturesque places and I have great memories of traveling there.

Courtney- I would love to live in London or in New York! I love the fashion and culture and on my trips there I feel like I fit right in!

What's fashion for you? What do you love the most about fashion?

Christina- I really love the very avant garde designers, but I also love vintage fashions and the influence of the past on the present.

Courtney- I really enjoy the self expression of fashion. I love blogs that focus on street fashion from around the world. I like seeing how people are making trends their own and in some cases influencing fashion with their own perspective.

If you have to pick just one thing form your wardrobe, what would it be?

Courtney- Lately I would say it's been my short motorcycle boots- they just seem to go with everything! I plan to take them with me as my main shoes when I go to NYC this weekend!

Christina- I have a vintage camel colored cashmere coat I've been wearing everywhere this winter, and even though I'm happy that spring is coming, I'm a little sad to put my coat away!

Thank you Christina & Courtney, it has been a pleasure to have you here! Have a great Easter weekend!

Whoever wins this giveaway will receive a discount of 25% at their Etsy Store.

The rules for the giveaway:

1) To enter the draw please became my follower, visit "White Owl" etsy store and leave a comment here within April the 6th, telling me what lovely jewel do you love.
2) To double the chance to win, please visit "White Owl Found" and "White Owl" Facebook page and become a fun (let me know it in a second comment);
3) the third way to enter the draw is to post about my giveaway and Christina & Courtney's Etsy Store on your blog (write me the link on a third comment).

3 chances to win!!! The winner will be chosen randomly! Good luck ladies!!!

Giveaway end Tuesday April the 6th, 8.oo pm local time. I will announce the winner within next week!

If you desire to be featured in my Etsy project or do you have an online store and do you want me to write about you and host a giveaway feel free to send me an email at

So Ladies... Are you in?

{A coupe de foudre}

Hello ladies!

Monday again! Sunny weekend, first day at the beach after a long long winter, my granny's birthday and a lot of work! And your weekend?

What's "A coupe de foudre"? It's the french translation for "love at first sight" and it's the perfect quote that explain my feelings about that magnific home in Normandie with a terrific and decadent garden.

There are few main themes that we found again and again in every rooms: old furnitures, striped and with a shabby style and the colors : ivory, white, grey. White is perfect to uniform all the furnishings even if the materials and the styles are different.

Grey furnitures and red Toile de Jouy fabrics are the best match ever. Don't you think?

Mireille, the owner, found most of the furnitures at the antique marquet or "brocantage".
French are the best when we talk about brocantes. I've never visited markets like the ones I've visited in France. Price are good and you can really find unique things!

I have a particular love for chicken wire and I'll tell you why very soon!
It's used for furnitures to give them a country flavour.

Object de Charme in evEry corner...

Details make the difference. Silver pots, porcelaine jars, ivory handle flatwares, lots of flowers everyehere characterize the spaces.

Red is the only touch of color in the house.

Cages and old vases decor gives to the garden a romantic touch. Have you ever seen "The Secret garden", the movie?

(Casa Chic - March 2009)


{Feeling happy...}

Finally the weekend!

It's almost 2 weeks that I'm working non stop all day long to my new house!
I don't feel tired, just a bit stressed maybe but not tired 'cause it's really something that makes me happy! So, to me, the weekend won't be relax!

As I've already told you, I've chosen the palette color for the entire house... A bit of white, a bit of grey (2 greys) and a bit of ecru all over! The office/2nd room will be more in the shade of ecru, the striped curtains are made in linen as well as part of the pillows!

I'm doing almost everything I can with the precious help of my mom: paint, sew, fix old furnitures, create my pillows, the curtains, think to the disposition of the furnitures and organizing the move!

(my mom's hands)

Mr B is very helpful almost in all the bureaucratics matter! I'm the "artist", more creative and he loves how I'm working and how I'v trasformed the old wardrobe in a new sideboard or the bed in a sofa!I will show you everything...promis!

Those old buttons will fill my jars!

This is the old sewing machine I use! It's my granny's ! I have a modern machine too, but the old is fantastic! i'm not as good as my mom, she's more accurate that's why she does the dirty jobs, like to sew by hand ! I'm not good at all!

(photos by me)

So, my weekend won't be relaxing but I'm too happy to complain about it!

I'm going to Tuscany to celebrate the Queen of My Heart (in the pics she's the one with the red lipstick) 'cause it's her birthday and to take chairs, lights, fabrics, and more things for the my nest!

Have a great weekend ladies! I look forward to hear how are you, what will you do, any particular news! Write me I'm happy to read your nice comment!

p.s.: my giveaway it's just postponed!

pp.s: don't forget to visit Dreamy Whites and to enter "The Well-Dressed Home Giveaway"

Love you ... just the way you are!


{Ethical with Style}

Once upon a time....

Do you remember Cinderella? The story about her shoes?

Well don't you think that Kitty Cooper'shoes could be the one of the history?

I've just found Kitty's website and it seems the perfet place for my Alice's in Wonderland!

Kitty decided to launch her own brand 'cause she was was troubled by the unsustainable and unethical use of materials, labour and resources.

She took inspiration from vintage fabrics, a passion that we have in common and that she "built" after spending years dealing vintage clothes in Portobello Road! All the fabrics, ribbons and trims are vintage - from the 1920s to the 1970s... Isn't it fantastic!

I've been to Portobello and I can assure you it's the right place for Vintage but at 7/8 am ... then it's just a touristic place to visit!

"...Her designs are inspired by the shapes, styles and craftsmanship of past eras, as well as the vintage 'make-do-and-mend' sensibility which is the antithesis of modern throw-away fashion."...

"...Cinderella had a wonderful time at the ball until she heard the first stroke of midnight! She remembered what the fairy had said, and without a word of goodbye she slipped from the Prince and ran down the steps. As she ran she lost one of her slippers, but not for a moment did she dream of stopping to pick it up!

The Prince, who was now madly in love with her, picked up the slipper and said to his ministers, “Go and search everywhere for the girl whose foot this slipper fits. I will never be content until I find her!" ...

and They live Happily ever after...


{The art of calligraphy}

I'm always Thrilled with calligraphy and it's really something I'd love to learn. One of the things that is on my "to do list".

I'm always fascinated from people that knows how to write in a certain way or in general from people who can create things with their hands and talent!

Neithersnow is one of them and it's just fantastic. I've discovered this amazing artist on Blueprint Bliss' Blog (check it on!)

Take a look at Neithersnow's portfolio... Incredible photos and unique fonts! A perfect match!

Wouldn't be breathtaking to find an envelope like that in your mail drop?

You can follow his blog or shop at his Etsy' Store.

P.s.: don't miss my next giveaway!!!!


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