{Sleeping Lollia}

Royal Crows Pillow Slips... for all the Lady Queen out there!

Is the second time that I talk about Lollia (here). Not only creams, fragrances, candles and body care, but also romantic duvets and pillows sleep, made of the finest cotton and finished with truly inspired Lollia details.



Hei, Hei hei!!! What's happened? None of you answered to my questions, it's the first time...

Here are my question:

* What flavour has your summer ?
* Which is your summer song ever ? * Which is your perfect aperitive ?
* Any particular memories about your childood summer holidays?
* What's your definition of Summer ? * Where would you spend your next Summer holidays ? * Your must have for this Summer?

You can find pics and my answers on my Forever Summer post, right just before "Greetings from Greece", that I suppose you like it ...thanks for your always nice and warm comments.

I wish you a nice week! Ideas? Plans?Projects?


{Greetings from Greece}


Do you want to rent a summer house?
I have some questions for all of you:

* What flavour has your summer ?
My summer has the flavour of sweet and juicy black figues, watermelon and basil...basil everywhere! I love the parfum of the after sun cream after a day at sea. I love the salty flavour of the beach. Just one fragrance reminds me that flavour : Rem by Reminiscence

* Which is your summer song ever ?
Sunny Bobby Hebb

* Which is your perfect aperitive ?

Sunset on the beach or in a terrace where you can see all the beauty of the sea, some friends, chats, laughs, candles, big pillows, some fruits, cold white wine or a cocktail

* Any particular memories about your childood summer holidays?
I remember all the trips with my parents and brothers
, my first vacation abroad, my trip to Mexico.
I have so many memories but I think I'll pick the holidays spent every year in Umbria and Tuscany. At the end of school we left the city for a 3 months of holiday. We have a family home in Versilia, on the Tuscany coast. Now I go there every weekends, but when I was a little girl we stayed there June and July and the first 2 weeks of September, we came home just the day before the beginning of the new school year. It was just beach, sea, swimming lessons, ice cream, movie at the drive in, stay out with th summer friends that are still the best friends. In August we stayed 1 month in Umbria, at the country side with uncle and cousins, swimming pool, visit some little villages, do the homework (the worst part of the holiday)...

* What's your definition of Summer ?
Summer is short pants and sandals. Stay out till late , ice cream and ride the bike. Summer is freedom, quite and nostalgia.

* Where would you spend your next Summer holidays ? Do not know yet. I'd like California or Utah and Montana. I'd like the North of Europe: Copenaghen at the top. I'd like the England country. Greece to lay down the beach and swim in the blue tourquoise sea, back to Formentera...

* Your must have for this Summer?
Feminine dresses, Capri flat sandals, big jewels, sunglasses

1-7-8) J.Crew; 2) One Vintage Veronica necklace (net-a-porter); 3) Cream large rose clutch bag (debenhams); 4) Antik Batik Langoa Sandals; 5) Earrings (Anthropologie); 6) KOKO

And now it's your turn. Can't wait to read your answers...


{Pitti, Florence and more}



and more...

That was, in pictures, my past week in Florence...

I wish you a very exciting weekend...


It's so sad...When I decided to dedicate my post to Farrah Fawcett, I didn't know yet about Michael Jackson. I'm so sorry for him!
The only thing I can say it's that maybe now they are free and in peace.
He lived for all his life in a cage with a lot of obsessions and fears. I think he was scared of the world. I always looked at him and thought he was so sad and alone.
With his death, the world of music lost one of the last icons. Nobady is and won't be like him. It's not an opinion but it's a matter of fact. Five of his solo albums – "Off the Wall," "Thriller," "Bad," "Dangerous" and "HIStory," all with Epic Records, a Sony Music label – are among the top-sellers of all time. ( )

Farrah was one of the most beautiful woman that the movie industry ever had. She didn't win her battle but now she won't suffer anymore. The pain is in the people that remains and not in who leaves. I know that this is for sure...believe me!
I just discovered that song The Day Farrah Fawcett , written by The Vandals (Orange County, California hard core punk band) :

birds in the air
never chirped the same
slobs in bowling alleys
never burped the same
they came to cry
shocked with disbelief
a broken mass of millions
all drowning in their grief

she was just an innocent
how could you lord?
they cried the day
that farrah fawcett died

Rest in peace...


sometime life is so unfair...


{Fashion Show}

(the stylist/my brother is the one with the turquoise jacket, and my youngest brother made this composit)

Last week, I've been to Florence for 4 days 'cause there was "Pitti" one of the biggest international men's fashion collections, that it's held in Florence for two editions a year, january and june.
Buyer from all over the world arrive in Florence to see the new tendences, the new collections for the 2010 Spring/Summer Season and all the biggest exhibitors (almost 900 brands) are there to show their novelties!

My brother Simone was there as exhibitor to present his new men's collection "Laroom"and we (mom, his girlfriend, me and my youngest brother a real "family affair") were there to help him.
It's his second experienece at Pitti. In January (Fede made a post about it) he made his debut in the space dedicate at the new exhibitors, the beginner and he did very well. Also in that occasione we were there.

I can defenitely say that people appreciated his products. He made men's jacket, pants, short pants, sneakers, and bags. He use the fleece and amazing fabrics for the interiors of the jacket. The shape is classic and elegant but very fresh and modern: that's the product that both men and young would wear!
What do you think?

Aren't amazing the sneakers?

The show was very successfull for us , as a second collection!!! We had a lot of contact and we start to distribute the brand!!! I'm very happy for him, he really deserve it!
We are thinking to do woman's collection too!!! I'm so ecited! So many things happened!

I have many others pics about the show, hope you'll be patiente till I'll be back.
I'm leaving for 2 days, I'm going to Rome. I'm sorry I won't to be able to come to visit you and comment on your magic and inspirational post, but I promis you that I'll check everything!

Thanks !!!


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