{Thank YOU}

This is for you, for all my friends/blogger for the old one and for the new one. I really thank you for that magnific week! I received an award from Megan & Melissa, I met new friends (La mia vita, My wonderland, A cherry disposition, The Mezzanine, Decorology, Velvet & Linen, The Maisy Report, City of Dionne, Down and Out Chic, Forgetmenot, Piggy in the Puddle, My tea cup peonies.... FOR SURE I'LL FORGET SOME OF YOU PRECIOUS FRIENDS...I'M SORRY!) I received a lot of important, nice, amazing comment that I've really appreciated !

I'm leaving for two days, going to the beach...I'll be back happier than before and ready to meet new friends and to keep in touch with the old one.

Love and hugs



Brocanterie Déjà-Vu

Through spring and summer, there are brocantes in every little town and village all over the world. Actually, I don't know the difference between flea market and brocante, maybe they are the same thing (I hope that some of you knows it ). I'm a big fun of Brocante and Antique Marquet
I remember when I visited the South of France and The Provence that there were so many Brocantes.
Some of them were like store and they had so many beautiful home interiors and garden furniture! I love to visit them and find gems and treasures and to look about curiously. If you decide to go to a flea market you have to know that:
- usually you have to be there early in the morning , otherwise if you go too late the risk is that all the good things will be gone;
- be sure to have cash in your pocket, usually they do not accept credit card (rare exceptions!);
- gently negotiate! It's funny sometimes to assist to a negotiation!
Once you could do very good bargains for furnitures, fabrics, chairs ... Now that it is "fashion" to buy at the brocante they are a bit more expensive don't you think?
- ask informations about the object you want to buy, you never know what history could be behind it!
- Have fun!

Do you like flea market? What do you look for when you visit them? Do you have any particular objet you collect? What would you sell from your home in a flea market?

{Chateau Domingue}

One of the beauty of a blog and to be a blogger is to discover and share our treasures and the links we find on others blogs and, in general, on the entire web site!

The inspiring Cote de Texas introduced me to Chateau Domingue.

Founded in 2002 by Ruth Gay and based in Houston ,Texas, it is now one of the most important importers of reclaimed and aged architectural elements and monumental antiques in the United States.

Chateau Domingue is known for is unmatched selection of unique building materials. French wall stones, coping, pool surrounds and many other distinguishing building material collection ...

It's during her travels through Europe that she discovers the beautiful products for her shop. in her shop fanciful gates, ancient fireplaces and doorways, tall columns, shutters and sinks, fountains and many many special finds to accomplish the desire of the clients.

All the furnishing are from authentic European interiors. Offering a large and everexpanding variety of furnitures and accessories for the home, they meet and satisfy the desires and the requests of all the clients...Actually, It's impossible not to find something interesting when visting their 15,000 sq.feet warehouse (when they open it was "only" 5,000 sq feet)

Now that I found my future interior designer what it is left to do is to find an house...


{Brooke Giannetti}

Brooke Giannetti is an amazing and talented interior design. Her interiors projects are a mix of her love for antiques, beautiful fabrics, and classic design infused with a bit of whimsy.

Most of the interiors items were bought at the local flea market and antique shop. I wish we had such beautiful Flea Market in my town.

I like this room. The white wall and the color palette neutral with some grey and blue accent, are so relaxing. The 2 sofas in front of the fireplace create a varey familiar and intimate atmosphere.
The surf board in the corner is "incredible"!

Breathless...the bathroom in the bedroom... if I'm dreaming , please let me sleep! ( more pics here)...
I'll defenitely post more pics about her interiors projects...Be sure!

She has also a very inspirational blog... Go check it!


{Award - N.2}

This is the second time I receive an Award and it makes me, right now (I've just discoverd it), so happy! I begun my Blog adventure without any ideas of what it would be to have a blog (it's more than an hobby, it's a passion) or expectations! Every time I found your comment to my post I'm so excited...


I'm speechless... I'm so thankful to two Funny Girls Megan and Melissa. You made my day and the rest of the week! Thanks!

So, to pass on the loveliness, here are the rules:
  1. Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and his or her blog link.
  2. Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you've newly discovered.
  3. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.
Nad the winner are: Sweet as Candy, This is Glamorous A Field Journal, City of Dionne, Decorology, Dilly Dallas, Love and Photograps, Elements of style, Lobster and Swan, Thoughts from Alice W., French garden house, Hollow Trees Arts, My Wonderland, La mia vita , Lille Lykke

Actually...the award is for all the Bloggers!!! thanks to you all!


Finally Summer is arrived... hot tempeature, fresh sea water, sun, breeze, drinks...Can't wait for the next weekend!

{I'm in Heaven}

Heaven is a bakery opened in Bovina, NY (not too far from New York city) surrounded by pure beauty and fresh air. The owner are the beautiful Taylor Foster-Allen (Pastry Chef), an ex fashion model and Joshua Allen ( Product Development, Barista, Photographer).

This is a dream come true for her that, since she was a kid, she always wanted to be a Bakery.

Eveything is made by hand using local and organic ingredients. No preservative at all!!!

Fresh air, beautiful places, the job of your dream, a simple and healty life...What else would you desire?


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